Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Makeup Tutorial - Summer Time Blue and Pink

Lighten up! It's summer time. 

You are already bringing on the neons and breaking out the sandals. Why not ditch your earthy makeup too, and attempt light and fun colors like blue shadow and pink lips?

Think -- Malibu Barbie rollerblading by the beach. Doesn't that sound like a refreshing idea to wear?

Summer Time Blue and Pink Makeup Tutorial

Step 1

Hide blemishes and under eye circles with a concealer.

Just dot on concealer and even out with a brush.

Step 2

Create a clear complexion with foundation.

A round foundation brush doesn't leave your face streaky.

Here's a tip: your skin might get darker in the summer. Blending a light and dark foundation generates a more fitting color.

Step 3

Using a shadow brush, apply a light blue color all over lid and crease.

Using L'Oreal Eyeshadow Single in "Reflecting Pool."

Step 4

Rim top and bottom with a dark eyeliner.

Using Almay Intense I-Color in "Midnight Black."

Step 5

Using a makeup sponge, blend top liner with a dark powder shadow.

Using CoverGirl Eye Enhancer in "Shimmering Onyx."

Step 6

Apply highlighter to the brow bone with a highlighter brush.

Using CoverGirl Eye Enhancer in "Pink Chiffon."

What I used:

Step 7

Curl lashes and apply mascara.


Step 8

Apply a light-colored blush to the apples of your cheeks.

A light blush on the cheeks gives you a healthy glow.


Step 9

Add pink lipstick and gloss.

Sheer gloss gives lips a sexy splash of pearliness.


And you are done!

Fun, flirty summer time blue and pink.


What do you think? 

Would you like to try these refreshing colors for the summer?



Monday, May 28, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Empire Waist

I still pinch myself at how lucky I am. It's been five years since Hubby and I were married, and the BEST five years of my life!

Because of my condition, we can't do much. But on Friday night, we did hire a sitter for two hours to have a simple dinner out.

To accommodate the belly, I decided on a sheer, empire-waist-ed shirt over skinny jeans. When the slenderizing effect of the skinnies accompanies the comfort of an empire waist, this pregnancy fashion worked out quite well for a sweet date night.

Empire waist and skinnies are great for second trimester.

A side shot to show the belly.

 On Sunday, I woke up to the most beautiful dozen of long, stemmed roses. Hubby really knows how to spoil a girl :O)

Do you think empire waist makes good pregnancy fashion?


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - What Makes Your Blog Stand Out?

What makes an ordinary recipe taste extraordinary -- so good that one bite makes you crave for seconds? 

Aha! A secret sauce.

In Bloomberg Channel's The Mentor, successful entrepreneurs give advice to struggling business owners to help them grow. One tip internet sensation Rue La La C.E.O gave to a small E-Commerce site was to "set yourself apart from others."

Such practical and simple advice, yet so many bloggers miss it somehow.

This show gives great tips that apply to bloggers too.


So Many Blogs. So Little Time.

Like millions of e-commerce websites, blogs saturate the internet. But really, how many blogs do you read on a daily basis?

I have hundreds of blogs in my google reader, but have time for only handfuls each day. Therefore, blogs that are my daily reads must really catch the eye.

Just a few of hundreds of blogs in my google reader each day.


Finding Your Secret Sauce - Ideas that Make Your Blog Stand Out


Reach Out


I love comments, especially ones that tell me you've actually read my post. And I always remember to visit these commenter's blogs.

(By the way, I know many bloggers consider leaving links in comments a bad practice, but I personally LOVE it. Links make it so much easier for me to come visit your site. So if you comment here, link away!)

Just like friendships in real life, those who show me support will get my utmost support back. And those who don't are forgotten along the way.

So if you want to reel in readers, build a network by commenting and supporting other bloggers in the same niche. Their loyalty is well worth your time.

(Also by the way, I was recently contacted by the author of
Best HCG Supplier - Although I am not familiar with her site, but just because she reached out, I am displaying her link, because that's what supportive bloggers do.)

Catchy Graphics

Your header image and logo are the first things readers see. If you give them enough oomph, your readers will surely remember.

Girlie Blog Seattle is currently working on a new header. Cannot wait for its debut.

Get Personal

What makes blogs so popular is that they reflect authors' personal lives. Even business or tech blogs have a personality.

Have you just gone through a tragedy? What about a triumph? Adding your own stories to posts makes you approachable. 

You don't just want to be the person in pretty outfits, right? You want to be the person who talks about the outfits, because you not only wore them -- you lived in them.

Have a Special Weekly Series - And Make it Your Thing

If you don't have time to write often, then write at least once a week, but make it the same type of post (a.k.a a weekly series). Then, keep at it for a long time.

Consistency counts when you try to keep readers coming back. Having a special weekly series -- whatever it may be -- gives your blog a uniqueness that's both quirky and memorable.

Take Melissa Blake's Blog So About What I Said for example, her series "Letters to My Future Husband" is an interesting way to show her soft side -- she is a true romantic, and that's her thing.

So, if you've got a thing, then write it in a weekly post, and continue to entertain your readers with that.

Well, I'm sure I have missed a few.


If you can think of anything else that makes your blog stand out, do share!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Black Leggings

Although pregnancy isn't the most fashionable period of time, there are ways to dress in style even if you feel bloated and loaded. 

On my second pregnancy now, and just one day shy of 19 weeks, I have accumulated a few items of clothing that are great to wear during pregnancy. They provide comfort, but also create stylish outfits.

Today, I give the floor to black leggings. Some mamas-to-be call them the "savior" -- and I agree. Not only do they slenderize your legs, they are also stretchy enough to fit your growing belly.

Here are a couple of ways I wore my pregnancy "savior," the black leggings:

Conceal your belly with a loose-fitting maternity shirt

Leggings are perfect to wear under over sized shirts, which so many maternity tops are.

Comfy maternity shirts are great over leggings.
Just hold out your belly to show it off.

Reveal your belly with a long, tight tank

Leggings also pair well with a long tank, especially tight ones that tends to show off.

This ribbed tank by Mossimo was only $9 at Target.

It's stretchy and relaxed, and looks great with leggings.

Do you have any pregnancy fashion ideas to share? 

I'd love to hear them.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Dress up a Boring Tee

Stuck in a style rut? Me too!

If your job is running after a toddler all day, you have little motivation to dress up -- if you even have time to think about it.

However, all girlie girls know that feeling good involves looking good. Even a stay-at-home mom has to pretty up at times. We just need to make it as effortless as possible.

Here are three easy, effortless ways to spruce up boring tee and leggings.

** Note: these were taken when I was only six weeks pregnant. The belly is much rounder now :O)


My everyday ensemble of plain tee, leggings and boots.


Glam it up with accessories

Sexy pumps make legs look long and lean.

Accessories always add fun and dressiness.

Just a few additions took good to great.

Add structure with a blazer

Button it up to look more formal.

An open blazer keeps it casual and fun.

Create layers with a card and scarf

Sometimes all you need are pieces of layering.

 How do you dress up a boring tee?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - E.L.F Mineral Foundation Review

Don't you just love mineral foundation? They are so light on the skin, you feel like wearing nothing at all.

I was thrilled to find E.L.F Mineral Foundation during a recent Target trip. For only $5, I get the goodness of lightweight coverage in one little canister. 

But am I still thrilled after using it? Stay tuned.


E.L.F Mineral Foundation Review

E.L.F's Claim

  • Our Weightless Mineral Foundation will help you achieve healthier illuminating skin.

My Take

  • Weightlessness is -- no doubt -- good for the skin. However, nothing illuminated. In fact, I felt it washed it out a little.

E.L.F's Claim

  • Infused with key Vitamin E for rich antioxidants that hydrate and replenish the skin.

My Take

  • I have not used this product enough to see a change in the quality of my skin.
  • However, so far skin does not feel dry after use.

E.L.F's Claim

  • Our powder foundations blend naturally into the skin, and are so light that they work with your skin color to create a perfect color match.

My Take

  • The foundation was truly lightweight. Almost featherweight. Therefore, having my natural color come through was not a surprise. 


  • Lightweight powder felt natural and comfortable on the skin.
  • Powder brush was easy and fun to use.
  • The product is suitable for daytime use.


  • Well, this mineral powder lacks coverage. I could barely see that I have it on, which isn't good because I have blemishes and spots to conceal. 
  • Product lacks variety in color. I bought "beige," but it appeared too light for the skin.
  • In fact, I looked washed out.

Overall Rating

  • 2/5


  • No thanks!

Here are a few before and after pictures:




Totally bare skin. Blemishes and spots and all.

As you can see, foundation didn't cover up much.


Have you used E.L.F Mineral Foundation? How was your experience?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NYC Individual Eyes Smokey Browns Eye Palette Review and Tutorial

Who doesn't love smokey eyes? 

And who doesn't love an eye palette that compacts all the essential smokey colors into one practical package?

Smokey palettes are everywhere, and becoming a most preferred way to achieve smokey eyes.

I picked up NYC Individual Eyes Smokey Browns with high hopes. Its colors looked so pretty and promising in the store. But how did I really like it?

Here's a way to find out:


NYC Individual Eyes Smokey Browns Eye Palette Review


  • As a drug store brand, selling for only $4.99 per palette, the quality was not too bad.
  • Staying power lasted a few hours. 
  • Powder didn't run, get loose or smudge.
  • Primer worked well to keep shadows on.



  • Shadow applied easily.
  • Adding primer to the compact was genius. 
  • Sponge wasn't too much help though.



  • At first glance, some of the colors were questionable. The ones for "All Over Lid" and "Crease" appeared too dark.
  • However, after application, they appeared much more becoming.
  • All colors blended well together. They created a truly pretty smokey.
Love the labeling.

Each color look great on the skin. Definitely worked for brown eyes.


  • Small enough to carry with, but big enough to provide good usability.
  • I especially liked the labeling for each compartment.
  • I also liked how it defined which part to apply each color. Made application simpler.
  • Again, adding primer was genius. 
  • And although I don't know what illuminator is for, it's a nice bonus to have.

Convenient packaging was excellent for use.
Great idea adding primer and illuminator.


  • Primer.
  • Convenient and compact packaging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Blend-able and pretty colors.



  • It would be nice to have a lighter "All Over Lid" color. That way, I can use it for day time.


Overall Rating

  • 4.75/5



I'd like to give a definite yes. However, the market is flooded with smokey palettes, and I am just not the type to settle down. Sorry!

NYC Individual Eyes Smokey Browns Eye Palette Tutorial


Step 1: Apply primer

Just dab primer on with your finger tips.


Step 2: Apply "All Over Lid" color

** NOTE: For Asians, "All Over Lid" means "Don't go over your crease."


Step 3: Swipe on crease color

Wow. Can't believe I'm using the makeup sponge.

Apply carefully. And blend! You don't want to give yourself a black eye.


Step 4: Blend in highlighter

A blending brush is a wonderful tool to apply highlighter with.

If you do it in a circular motion, you'll blend even better


Step 5: Add Finishing touches and you are done!

Add mascara and eyeliner. Oh, don't forget to smudge liner for smokey effect.

A little lip gloss completes the look.

 Have you tried NYC Individual Eyes Smokey Browns palette?

What other smokey palettes do you suggest?