Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - E.L.F Mineral Foundation Review

Don't you just love mineral foundation? They are so light on the skin, you feel like wearing nothing at all.

I was thrilled to find E.L.F Mineral Foundation during a recent Target trip. For only $5, I get the goodness of lightweight coverage in one little canister. 

But am I still thrilled after using it? Stay tuned.


E.L.F Mineral Foundation Review

E.L.F's Claim

  • Our Weightless Mineral Foundation will help you achieve healthier illuminating skin.

My Take

  • Weightlessness is -- no doubt -- good for the skin. However, nothing illuminated. In fact, I felt it washed it out a little.

E.L.F's Claim

  • Infused with key Vitamin E for rich antioxidants that hydrate and replenish the skin.

My Take

  • I have not used this product enough to see a change in the quality of my skin.
  • However, so far skin does not feel dry after use.

E.L.F's Claim

  • Our powder foundations blend naturally into the skin, and are so light that they work with your skin color to create a perfect color match.

My Take

  • The foundation was truly lightweight. Almost featherweight. Therefore, having my natural color come through was not a surprise. 


  • Lightweight powder felt natural and comfortable on the skin.
  • Powder brush was easy and fun to use.
  • The product is suitable for daytime use.


  • Well, this mineral powder lacks coverage. I could barely see that I have it on, which isn't good because I have blemishes and spots to conceal. 
  • Product lacks variety in color. I bought "beige," but it appeared too light for the skin.
  • In fact, I looked washed out.

Overall Rating

  • 2/5


  • No thanks!

Here are a few before and after pictures:




Totally bare skin. Blemishes and spots and all.

As you can see, foundation didn't cover up much.


Have you used E.L.F Mineral Foundation? How was your experience?


  1. I've tried some of ELF's other products before. The line is pretty hit-and-miss in terms of quality, but it's supposed to super cheap, so I guess the price is right. :)

  2. I like few elf product but there r not 100 % satisfaction because maybe cheap and my concealer is haven't much coverage too.

  3. Because of my blemished skin I do not think I can use mineral foundation. It does not give me the coverage I need.

  4. Thanks for the review! I've passed by this product a lot but I have never used it. I like E.L.F. more for their brushes. They're cheap and they last pretty long!

    The Lovely Memoir

  5. your after shot looks like the foundation did cover some! it's hard to tell because you're not sitting in the same position as the first photo (you're sitting further back and your head is angled facing in a different direction) and it looks like there is a bright light in the center of your face. the before and after shots of your hand do look improved though, too!

  6. I love reading your reviews on beauty products because you are so honest about what they are like! I haven't tried ELF products and I plan to steer clear of this one because I prefer a slightly heavier foundation as well.


  7. I appreciate your honest reviews!

  8. I've never tried elf, but after your review I might have to keep it that way. They're pretty tempting though with the low prices and all.

    Great blog by the way, come and visit mine if you get a chance :)

  9. I haven't tried this, but I would probably need something with more coverage, too! Nice review.


  10. great review@ i love mineral foundations. you look great. :)

    have a lovely wknd!!


  11. Very nice, i loved.
    Beijos Vanessa

  12. id love to try e.l.f products. you look great x

  13. Great post:) I really like your blog and I will happily follow.

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  14. great review...i don't think i will be buying that i don't really us foundation on my face I don't like that it gets on my clothing.



  15. Great review!

  16. will definitely pass on this, thanks for the heads up! somehow elf's face products aren't my favorite, not including the blushes of course :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  17. I've wanted to purchase this before and try it, glad I didn't. Thanks for the review!! I like knowing before buying:)

  18. Great review, its good to know when someone doesn't find a product great too x


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