And THANK YOU for your curiosity!

Your time is precious, so this page will be short.

This is a personal blog.

It is written by a 37-year old mother of two, attempting--and often failing--to juggle motherhood, start a second career, and look like a decent human being

It began in 2008.

A few months after my husband and I married and moved to Seattle. It sought to cope with the loneliness of being new in town, but developed into a passionate hobby and creative outlet, especially after giving birth to our first child and quitting a full-time job to stay home in 2010.

Then it fell victim to ambition.

And became a source of part-time income, starting with 40-dollar paid post per month but doubling each year. 

The amount is pocket change for successful bloggers, but good enough for a stay-at-home mom with limited free time; and though it anticipated growth, this blog never intended to become "hungry." Continuing felt unfulfilled.

That "Career-Bug," from (what feels like) a lifetime away, all of a sudden, re-appeared. 
After a year-long break to "feed-the-bug," Girlie Blog is back, but more for fun than ambition, with occasional sponsors and affiliates.

A lighthearted user experience is the aim now.

Just here to entertain.  

All opinions are out of superficial, self-serving interests, and should be used as mere reference. I declare ZERO expertise in beauty, fashion, skin care and perhaps even Seattle, but promise to write as accurately as research and personal experiences allow, and strive for quality.

Again, THANK YOU for your curiosity  

Please leave a comment with recommendations, constructive criticism or kind words.

Have a nice day! 


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