Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Characteristics of a Rocking Blog Post

Whoever told you blogging is easy is a liar. Whether you use a free platform or paid hosting, focus on niches like cheap mac makeup or write about daily happenings around town, blogging requires hard work. In addition to making a visually pleasing website, and networking actively, you also need to create informative content made up of exceptional blog posts.

Most beauty and fashion bloggers blog as a hobby. Therefore, having to constantly provide rocking blog posts can seem like a daunting task. 

Also, just what is a rocking blog post anyway? Impeccable photography? Professional editing? Articles of pulitzer quality?

Don't fret, girlies. You don't need a masters in journalism to write rocking blog posts. But you do need to include some elements that a rocking blog post requires. Here are 10 to consider:

Katy Perry
Katy Perry rocks. How about your blog post?

1. Clever Title

The title of your blog post is always what readers see first. So the catchier, the better. Try something attention grabbing, like a question or a list -- something that makes readers want more.

Also, make your title SEO friendly. Because titles are what search engines see first too. Make it easy for crawlers and bots to recognize what your post is about, so it ranks higher during a search.

2. A Hook

A hook is something that draws readers in and sparks their interest. Usually, they belong at the beginning of each post. Hooks include questions, quotes and metaphors. To read more about hooks, check out my earlier post here.

If you hook your readers, they will likely continue reading your blog post.

3. Scan-able Content

Scan-able content is content that breaks a long post into smaller sections, with headers, sub headers, bullets, graphics, and anything that makes your writing easier to read. If readers do not have much time, scan-able content still conveys the main idea without requiring visitors to read every word. 

Think about it. Are you likely to read a huge block of words, or a well-organized article strategically and logically grouped into categories?

4. Complementary Photos

You should always focus on content. However, photos that complement your writing help readers understand your ideas.

Plus, photos further break down a long blog post.

5. Valuable Info

Why should someone pay attention to your blog, while there are millions of others writing about practically the same subjects?

Giving visitors valuable information gives them incentive to read your blog, and come back too.

6. Appropriate Word Count

Blog posts, especially those about beauty and fashion, are not term papers. Try not to blab on forever, but still provide sufficient information. A general rule of thumb is to keep word count between 200 - 500.

7. Good Grammar

You don't need perfect English, but at least try. (This is an area I need to improve too.) Proper grammar makes your tone authoritative, and your reputation respectable.

I totally agree with this girl.

8. Individuality

You are a blogger, not a professional writer, and certainly not a robot. If people want glossy pictorials and fancy verbiage, they can always pick up a magazine. Readers come to your blog because it has personality, and is something they can identify with.

9. Honesty

A HUGE reason why I discontinued my personal facebook account is because of people's inflated digital egos -- advertising their perfect marriages as if no one else has a good relationship, overloading on pictures of events and parties just to portray a supposed social life. Do they really need that much assurance?

Don't use your blog to boost confidence, or inflate anything. Be honest. If a product did not work, say it, and explain why. If you have failed in something, tell your readers, and list the lessons learned. And if you have reached new heights, tell everyone how hard you worked, and what others can do to achieve the same success.

I may use facebook to promote my blogs, but deactivating a personal account was the best decision I have made.

10. User Interaction

Again, visitors at your blog do not have much time. Honor your visitors by including them as a part of your post. Ask for their ideas, opinions and input. Really care about what they have to say.

By the way, a good way to engage readers is to ask them a question at the end of each blog post. Give them a reason to interact, and they will surely come back.


Thanks for reading.


Sorry this post went a little longer than 500 words :O)


Did I cover them all, or do you have anything to add?


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