Saturday, September 1, 2012

Five Reasons Why I Love Seattle

August marked my and my husband's fifth anniversary in Seattle. Although we missed our family and friends, we grew to love our new home, and decided to plant roots here and expand our family.

Pessimistic people might find a whole lot of complaints about Seattle, but I'd like to think otherwise, and find reasons -- five of them, in fact -- why I came to love this beautiful metropolis of the Pacific Northwest.

1. A Perfect Combination of City and Nature

While most cities are out there for the world to see, Seattle is nestled in the base of the Pudget Sound. The city, with its statuesque skyscrapers and glistening lights, offers an exciting city life, but it is also surrounded by mountains and waters.

Drive outside for 30 minutes in any direction, you can find yourself in one of the mountains, islands or bodies of water. 

2. Opportunities. Opportunities. Opportunities.

Microsoft, Amazon and Costco are just a few of Seattle's famous start ups. With the amount of innovation, industries and investments in this area, you are very likely to advance career-wise, no matter which field you choose.

3. Quirky Neighborhoods

Downtown may be the commercial and financial center of Seattle, but the city also has many neighborhoods that cater to any type of personality. 

In the mood for authentic Asian cuisine? Head over to International District. Like live music? Try Capitol Hill. Feel like clubbing? Dance the night away in Pioneer Square or Bell Town. Or, if you want a more relaxing time, chill out in Fremont, Wallingford or West Seattle.

By the way, there are a lot more neighborhoods I have not mentioned. Perhaps next time?

4. You Can Walk Anywhere

Speaking of Seattle's many neighborhoods, they are also within walking distance from each other. You can literally travel anywhere on foot. And if you get tired, just hop on one of the city's public transportations.

5. Rain. No Kidding!

I cannot lie. Seattle is often cloudy and rainy. My first year here was especially difficult. However, after acclimating to the weather, I came to enjoy Seattle's wet atmosphere.

When I say rain, I don't mean down pour. I mean a constant cool mist. You can still go outside in Seattle's rain, and it actually feels comfortable.

Also, the mist does wonders to the skin. Just check out Daily Glow Magazine's latest article on the Best U.S Cities for Skin. Seattle made third place :O)

Not a surprise Seattle made it to the best U.S cities for skin.


Instead of knocking on Seattle, we should be proud of our beautiful city.

What do you like about where you live?


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