Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking Forward to Fall (Beauty and Fashion Blog Post)

Missing summer already? Don't be sad. Fall gives you plenty of reasons to feel excited.

Although Seattle remains sunny in early September, it already encountered glimpses of fall with crispier air and shorter daylight. 

This past weekend, while tucking away summer tanks and unfolding sweaters, I realized that fall has calmly arrived. Somehow, instead of reminiscing a season passed, I started to look forward to fall, and all the wonderful things it brings like...

Savoring in Fall's Fruits and Veggies

Life in Seattle
Tangy oranges - a fall favorite.
Life in Seattle
And hearty squash.

Watching the Newest Season of My Favorite Shows

Friday nights just got sweeter.

 Wearing Jewel Toned Makeup and Fall's Trendy Layers

Purples and blues - fall's favorite eye colors.

Cannot wait to put on this jacket.

And cannot wait to wear this one either.

And Celebrating Upcoming Holidays Like Autumn Festival and Halloween

Yay to Halloween.

And double yay to Autumn Festival, especially if it means eating moon cakes.


See? Fall is just as exciting as summer.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

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