Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Like an Eggplant! My Transitional Top.

"Get transitional clothes!

That's one recommendation I always give new moms who ask for post-baby advice. After your body undergoes nine months of traumatic change, it doesn't go back to normal as quickly or as proportionately as you have predicted.

A few women are lucky, but most will struggle. It's not just about weight, it's about proportion: when one part of your body returns to its original size, other parts, like your breastfeeding boobs, remain gigantic. This makes fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes almost impossible.

I bought this purple top as a transitional shirt, to wear during the few months when my figure gradually transitions back to normal, but still looks awkward. It is long enough to cover a flabby belly and butt, but still cute enough to wear out. Also, the cut out shoulders look pretty sexy.

This transitional shirt came in handy during my current pregnancy too. It hugged a colossal belly with perfect snugness. Dawn a pair of jeggings and fall boots, and I'm ready for anything.

Pregnancy Fashion
Trying to put on a slimming pose - very hard to do when you are 36.5 weeks.

Pregnancy Fashion
There it is - the infamous belly shot. If I don't hold on tight, I might tip over.

Pregnancy Fashion
Like an eggplant :O) Go ahead, you can laugh.

By the way, doesn't this purple shirt make me look like an eggplant? 


LOL. Pregnancy fashion can be fun, right?


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