Saturday, September 29, 2012

Post Baby Survival Tips for Your Body

Need major help coping with your post baby body?

Immediately after giving birth, your body will look a little...different: boobs are hard and droopy, tummy looks stretched and flabby, joints still feel swollen, and the rest of your body just appears abnormal.

Don't worry though. Everything will go back to usual. Just give it time. Meanwhile, use the following techniques to cope with your post baby body. They will not only help you adjust to life as a new mommy, but also give your confidence a boost.

1. Put on comfy sleep wear

For those sleepless nights (and days) after bringing the baby home, you'll need comfortable sleep wear to lounge around the house in. Try a button up top that provides easy access to your breastfeeding boobs, and drawstring bottoms that loosen as much as you need it to.

My newest jammies. Bought it especially for those sleepless post baby days.

2. Get a nursing bra

Nursing bras are designed for easy access and comfort. Their convertible covers provide quick take off, and their added padding provide pain relieve for sore nipples.

3. Wear Foundation Garments and Shape Wear

What's great about foundation garments and shape wear? They give you a lean and trim silhouette. Before your body completely returns to pre-pregnancy shape, they can at least help you appear sleeker. 

For quality foundation garments and shape wear, take a look at colombian shapewear from AnnetteOnline.

4. Buy Transitional Clothing

Get shirts that are a little bigger than your previous size, but are still trendy. They may not let you feel completely back to your old self, but they at least give you a little taste of what's ahead.

A size bigger may not be desirable, but it helps a slow return back to pre-pregnancy body.

5. Go outside

In some countries, like my native China, new moms must stay inside for one month after baby's arrival. Sounds backwards but people do it. Even my progressive cousin obeyed her mother-in-law's command, and stayed in for four entire weeks -- how is it healthy to avoid fresh air?

Rebellious women like my mom and myself went outside as soon as we could, and I suggest you do too. Even if you don't want to be seen, a leisurely stroll and a few minutes outside of closed walls can instantly lift your mood.

Being a new mommy is hard, but you can do it!


Hope you found these tips helpful.


Anything else you want to add?


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