Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeup Tutorial - Smokey Gold and Purple

Expecting moms can do smokey eyes too.

Though I barely wear smokey eye shadow anymore, I did become interested in trying purple and gold smokey. After seeing so many versions of the combo, I decided to attempt my own. Bare with me please! This is my first try. Hope it turned out decent.


Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust in "Plum Galaxy"
 ELF Custom Eyes in "Golden Glow"
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in "Bronze"

Step 1

Line bottom lash line with bronze eyeliner.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
Try to line outside of your waterline, and more on your lash line.

Step 2

Line bottom water line with a black eyeliner.

This step further defines your eyes.

Step 3

Line top lash line with black eyeliner. Make the line a little thicker.

The thicker, the sexier.

Step 4

Using a short-bristled eyeshadow brush, apply gold shadow on your lids and stop at your crease line.

This elf eyeshadow works amazingly well. It has such a pretty color too.

Remember, don't go too much beyond your crease line.

Step 5

Using a regular eyeshadow brush, add purple shadow to the outer corners of your crease.

Stay as close to your crease line as possible.

Stay as close to your crease line as possible, and just do the outer corners.

Step 6

Apply a soft highlighter like CoverGirl Single Shadow "pink chiffon."

Blend well.

Blend well for a natural effect.

Step 7

Curl lashes. Apply mascara.

Step 8

Finish with blush and light lip gloss.

And you are done!


Not too hard, right?

Smokey or not, purple and gold make a unique yet lovely combo.

Besides smokey, how else would you wear these colors?

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