Friday, September 21, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - Why You Need a Spa Day

It was my wedding day stress that started a spa obsession. With only $10,000 of budget, which is less than half of national average, I planned my entire wedding all by myself. By the end of the year-long project, I was exhausted. Finally, I set up an appointment at a small spa. One rejuvenating facial and massage later, I became a new woman, hooked on professional pampering.

If you are a hardworking girlie, I believe you also need a spa day. Cell phones need recharge, cars need tune ups, and you need a few hours of relaxing bliss. 

Did I give you enough of a reason for a spa day? If not, here are a few more:

Because It's Healthy

Daily stresses can put you in a gloom. Going to a spa, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, help you relieve stress both physically and mentally.

Because It's Educational

At the spa, you receive not only professional services but also professional advice. Trained massage therapists, estheticians and makeup artists leave excellent and personalized advice on how to improve your look and feel.

Because It's a Good Place to Bond

Going with girlfriends? A spa is the perfect place to bond with gal pals. With no men, no interference and no pressure around, a spa day offers an opportunity for girlfriends to chat, share and laugh with each other.

Because It's an Inexpensive Way to Have Fun

Compared to other leisurely activities, going to the spa is actually affordable. With proper research, you can find cheap spa packages

Take Dyanna Spa for example, which offers hair removal and spa service for men and women since 1983, and is one of the first beauty salons in New York City to offer waxing services for different parts of the body, has packages that cost $200 or less. That's a heck of a deal for an expensive city like the Big Apple.

(To read more about Dyanna Spa, please visit their blog here.)

And Again, Because You Deserve It!

Lounging at the spa with a friend last year.

So, what do you say girlies?

Want to book an appointment soon?

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