Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - Bliss Moisturizer Review (Beauty Blog Post)

As you may know, Bliss is known for its luxurious spa products, and makes some of the best skin care. Who doesn't like the sound of that? I certainly do, and decided to pick up a bottle of Bliss Moisturizer (Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturizer) to try.

Here is my experience with this Bliss Moisturizer:

Bliss Moisturizer


Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturizer

Quality and Performance
  • Formula was definitely rich and moisturizing.
  • Formula squeezed out in consistent manner, and wasn't runny like most moisturizers. It rubbed onto skin evenly as well.
  • It glided onto skin smoothly and made skin feel soft and immediately saturated surface.
  • After putting this moisturizer on, foundation applied smoothly over it, and streaked less.
  • Overall, a great moisturizer. 
  • However, I was unable to see a mattifying effect, nor did my pores minimize, as it promised.

Bliss Moisturizer
Although product was moisturizing, it did not brighten skin nor minimize pores, as it promised.

Bliss Moisturizer
Formula was tight and consistent, which I really liked.

Bliss Moisturizer
As you can see, formula smoothed on easily and rubbed out evenly.

  • No irritations after use.
  • Skin felt soft and lustrous. 
  • A great moisturizer for everyday wear.

  • Simple design. Very nice appearance.
  • Bump was easy to use, and formula squeezed out in controlled manner.
  • Bottle was sturdy and easy to store.

Bliss Moisturizer
The pump was great to use.

Bliss Moisturizer

Overall Likes
  • Good moisturizing formula.
  • Formula applied well.
  • Goes well under foundation.

Overall Dislikes
  • Price. Regular price is $48. Ouch!
  • No mattifying effect and no minimizing of pores.


Maybe. Although Bliss Moisturizer worked well, the price is just too high.

Bliss Moisturizer
Before: kind of dry.

Bliss Moisturizer
After: smooth and moisturized.

Hope you found this review informative.

Have you used Bliss Mattifying Moisturizer? 

How did you like it?

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