Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Zebra Stripes (Fashion Blog Post)

If you liked wild zebra stripes before pregnancy, you should like them even more during. Pregnancy fashion isn't about restricting or conforming. It's about dressing creatively and comfortably, and looking cute while feeling good in your own skin.

This zebra striped top cost only $7. Gotta love TJ Maxx. I layed it over my favorite maxi skirt, and the pair immediately liked each other. They made another super comfy outfit for a super sized belly.

I literally hold my belly while I walk now.

Lounging on the rails to give myself a break.

Side shot. Baby is trying to get herself noticed.

Missing something?

If this outfit needs one thing, it would be something silver. I think a silver watch like the one below from Silver.Ag looks perfect for a blue and black combo.

Thanks for checking out another Pregnancy Fashion post.

Right now, this zebra striped tank must be worn with a stretchy bottom, but how would you usually style it?

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