Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday's Sweet Surprise Baby Shower

I don't like surprise parties. I'm an Aries after all -- just kidding :O) 

I don't like surprise parties because they are usually over-the-top and time consuming for the person planning the ordeal. However, on Friday, one of my mama friends planned the most low key surprise baby shower for me. Not only was it a good time, it was sincere, and one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done.

We didn't do much -- no corny games, obligated guests, expensive registry, or a buffet full of pigs in a blanket. Just a few mamas and their toddlers, enjoying the sunny beach and homemade cupcakes. The event was super laid back, and the only focus was on having a good time -- just the way I like it :O)

People don't often have multiple baby showers. To be honest, I find it tacky too. But if it's just a chance for good friends to laugh, chill and eat sweets, then bring on the baby shower -- and make it a sweet surprise too.

Chocolate cupcakes - how'd you know cake is my favorite dessert ;o)

Whoo! Yummy berry cream cheese topping.

Make a few please! Kiddos like to have them in two's.

What a beautiful day for the beach. So lucky we live in Seattle.


Many thanks to all of you who showed up.


Again, to protect people's privacy, especially children's, I will NEVER post pictures without everyone's consent. But I must confess, again, that the kiddos were all adorable, and the mamas lovely as can be.

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