Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Beauty Essentials Every Girlie Girl Needs (Beauty Blog Post)

As girlie girls, we often indulge in beauty wants. You know, impulse buys just because they appear in a sales bin, or nifty gadgets everyone talks about. Because of our excitement for these wants, our beauty needs often get neglected. Well, not today. Let's pay tribute to the top 10 beauty essentials every girlie girl needs:

1. Foundation with Excellent Coverage

Nothing looks better than flawless skin. Like a man who makes your heart skip a beat, if you have found a foundation that gives you perfect skin, you hold on to it, and don't ever let go.

2. Tools that Help

Sure you can apply makeup with fingers and generic sponges. But good makeup brushes give you impeccable application and natural blending.

3. Eye Palette in Earthy Colors

Sexy smokies may glam up your evening, but natural, earthy colors work better for everyday.

4. Eyeliner that Applies Easily

A pencil liner is easy to use and always creates a graceful stroke.

5. Mascara with Volumizing Power

Bold eyelashes make anyone's eyes bigger and prettier. Who can turn that down?

6. A Really Good Eyelash Curler

No reason to wear thick lashes if they are not in curvy perfection. Get a really good eyelash curler, and use it everyday.

7. False Lashes for Special Occassions

If you need one beauty essential for special occasions, it would be false lashes. They glam up your look almost instantly.

8. Brow Pencil that Provides Fantastic Shape

In addition to fixing accidents during waxing, a brow pencil gives your face personality.

9. Blush with Peachy Sheen

Just a sweep of peach-toned blush highlights your cheekbones and puts on a healthy flush.

10. Gloss that Shines

Last but not least, a lip gloss with lustrous shine polishes up any makeup.

I'm sure I have missed something.

Any beauty essentials you would like to add?

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