Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Tie Front Jacket

Another pregnancy fashion post? That's right, girlies. The bump is actually fun to dress up.

While Seattle remains surprisingly sunny during the day, dawn and dusk feel quite chilly. Girls here often layer up with jackets, cardigans and such. 

Speaking of jackets, I prefer a tie front jacket for pregnancy. Its open front gives my bump room to protrude, and tying up above the belly seals the rest of my body in, and protects me from the cold mornings and nights.

The Wet Seal tie front jacket I'm wearing cost only $1.29 at a local thrift store. It's both comfortable and affordable. Its dark color also offers a slimming effect, which a pregnant lady like myself certainly needs.

pregnancy fashion
Can't tie it around my waist, but tying over the belly works well too.

pregnancy fashion
A side shot again, of the growing baby inside.

pregnancy fashion
Love how this jacket caters to a big belly.

Been feeling contractions here and there lately, so this might be one of my last pregnancy fashion posts.

Thanks for stopping by.

How do you girls like tie front jackets for the chilly weather?

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