Saturday, September 8, 2012

Innovative Beauty Products (Beauty Blog Post)

While the beauty industry is more famous for glam than brain, I'd like to think it has both attributes. After all, no one succeeds on looks alone.

Beauty, like video games, home computers and aerospace, has come a long way, with some pretty innovative inventions and technologies.

Here are some innovative beauty products that changed the way we beautify:

1. The Gloss-and-Perfume Tube

Innovative for its two-in-one packaging design.

Who knew that gloss and roll on perfume can come in one single tube that you can grab and go?

2. Clarisonic  

Innovative for its one-of-a-kind gentle brush cleaning.

No cleaning tool goes as deep and cleans as thoroughly as Clarisonic's gentle, massaging bristles.

3. Fiber Extension Mascara

Innovative for its attachable microfiber technology.

A mascara that makes lashes longer instantly? That's magic, except better.

4. Tweezers

Innovative because of its simplicity. 

With just a couple of metal clamps, you are clean and groomed for a long time. It's a classic beauty tool that anyone can use -- and afford.

5. Epilators

Innovative for its painless and effective hair removal technology.

An epilator gets rid of hair from deeper than root level, and doesn't hurt like waxing. One use lasts up to four weeks. It really is the best home hair removal system yet.


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