Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Proud (Stay-at-Home) Mama - Happy Birthday to Jo!

You are a stay-at-home mom. What do you do alllllllllllllllllllllll day?

(LOL.) If I had a dollar each time I hear that question...

What do I do all day? I raise my daughter. On top of feeding, changing, bathing and cleaning after her, I bring her out everyday, and give her an opportunity to discover the world.

It has been two years -- Jo just turned two recently -- and it has been an absolute pleasure.

Happy 2nd birthday to my precious.

Treats for Kids

Because our family is in town, we didn't throw a huge birthday party. We did, however, share a little something with Jo's classmates and friends at CISC Seattle (Chinese Information Services Center). Especially since a lot of the class are underprivileged immigrants.

We brought in yummy cupcakes and brownies for all the children. There were even left overs for the hard-working CISC staff.

Can't say 'no' to these brownie bites.

Red velvet cake - one of our faves.

About CISC Seattle

Being a new immigrant is hard. You have to start all over in a new country.

CISC Seattle started with a few young students in the 1970's to help Seattle's immigrant community get acquainted to a new life. Now, it is a full-blown nonprofit that provides services such as ESL classes, workshops for elders, job placement, and of course, classes for children.

Jo and I have been going to CISC's toddler class for almost one year. Not only does my daughter enjoy the classroom activities, she also met many new friends.

Tasty Dim Sum

A few of our CISC classmates went to dim sum at the International District afterwards. We all love discovering hole in the wall places, and found Duk Li Dim Sum quite tasty.

Toddlers usually don't behave in restaurants. But the little ones did so well that day. They even walked out hand-in-hand. How sweet!

Duk Li Seattle
Another fantastic hole in the wall in the International District.

Duk Li Seattle
This pan fried noodle was my absolute favorite.

Duk Li Seattle
S's supple dumplings.

Duk Li Seattle
Hand rolled rice noodles with Chinese sausage.

Duk Li Seattle
Tofu skin roll - delicious and nutritious.

Duk Li Seattle
This pork and rice dish was only $1.95.

Duk Li Seattle
My absolute favorite - sticky rice in lotus leaf.

Of Course There are Presents

What's a birthday without presents?

I tried so hard to refrain from spoiling my little girl, but it's just impossible. Plus, toddler clothes these days are stylishly irresistible.

 Happy birthday Jo!

It has been a pleasure raising you.

To protect children's privacy, I will never post their photos without parents' consent. But I do confess that they are an adorable bunch, and all enjoyed the treats.

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