Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Ways to Feel Pretty During Pregnancy

In need of a confidence boost during pregnancy? All the bloating, weight gain and discomfort can really make a girlie feel un-pretty. 

Although you can't stop from being pregnant, you can boost your confidence in small ways. Here are five suggestions:

1. Move Your Body

I cannot stress enough about fitness during pregnancy. Even when you become too big for regular exercise, you can always go for a light stroll. 

Keeping your body in motion provides both physical and mental well being.

Took our dog out for a sunny stroll today.

 2. Get a Fresh Cut

Armed with shears and blow dryers, your local stylist is both a beauty guru and a "physical therapist."

A new haircut not only cleans up your look, it makes you feel refreshed as well.

Regis Salon at Seattle's Northgate Mall is a wonderful place for an inexpensive cut, by the way. I loved what stylist Caitlin did with my hair.

At Regis, walk ins are welcome.

It's not a fancy place, but Regis is clean, friendly and affordable.

Feeling rejuvenated after chopping off four inches of messy mane.

3. Keep up Your Appearance

You don't have to doll up every time you walk out the door. Just continue taking care of your skin and looking presentable make you feel like your old self.

If you need help with skin problems, Tanda Skincare is a wonderful website that provides innovative solutions. It offers luxurious tools for rejuvenation, hair removal, acne light treatment, and many more ways to improve your skin.

Of course, makeup helps too :O)

A little gloss always puts me in a better mood.

 4. Buy Yourself Something

Isn't pregnancy the perfect excuse to buy new clothes? And shopping always makes a girl feel pretty.

I am in my third trimester. Even stretchy tanks cannot fit a belly this big. For only $7.50 each, these maternity tank tops look bright and pretty, and will carry me to through the last few weeks.

Love bright tanks in the summer.

5. Get Intimate with Your Partner

The best way to feel good during pregnancy is being intimate with the person you love. I like to give my husband a nice, long, soothing back massage.

This odorless body oil is great for a back massage.

Pregnancy is hard. You should really pat yourself on the back for making it this far.


How do you feel pretty during pregnancy?

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