Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Make Eyelashes Longer (Beauty Blog Post)

Want to make eyelashes longer? So does every other girlie. Longer, fuller eyelashes is everyone's beauty wish -- and it's easier to achieve than you think. Here are five ways you can make your eyelashes longer.

Wear False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can really make your eyes pop, at only a few dollars' cost. The only draw backs? They are often one-time use only, and don't feel too comfortable.

Get Eyelash Extensions

Like hair extensions, eyelashes can have extensions too. They are made with human or synthetic hair, and are attached to your existing lashes. Compared to false eyelashes, eyelash extensions look more natural and last much longer -- often up to a few months. However, they also cost a few hundred dollars and take two hours to complete a full set.

Take Supplements

Nothing helps hair grow more than a healthy diet. In addition to eating nutritious food, you can also add supplements. Multivitamins are excellent for beautiful skin, strong nails, and longer eyelashes.

Combine Eye Liner and Mascara

A little makeup always helps. Combine thick lash liner and mascara, and your eyelashes will instantly look fuller and longer.

Try Latisse

Latisse is one of the newest non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It's a prescription solution you apply to your lash line once a day, and helps lengthen and darken your eyelashes.

Latisse is offered at most plastic surgeon's offices, like Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Todd Hobgood. You can read more about it there, or go to


Longer, fuller and beautiful lashes are not that far away.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make eyelashes longer?


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