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Misikko HanaAir Professional Hair Dryer Review (Beauty Blog Post)

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH Misikko for an opportunity to review your wonderful product again. 

Last year, I was sent Misikko's flat iron, one of the market's bestselling flat irons, and absolutely adored it. Therefore, I was really excited to review Misikko HanaAir Professional Hair Dryer this time. After a few days of becoming acquainted with the HanaAir hair dryer, I came to love it too. Please read on for a detailed review.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer

About Misikko HanaAir Professional Hair Dryer


Adjustable Heat
  • 2 fan speeds
  • 3 heat settings
  • Plus cold shot
Ceramic Heater
  • Most advanced far infared ionic heat
Tourmaline, Titanium Oxide & Silver Infused
  • Pure tourmaline crystals add antibacterial ions and shine
  • Concentrator
  • Two years
Additional Facts
  • Beautiful, stylish Italian design
  • Operates at 2300 watts
  • Low EMF allows environmental safety
  • Long motor life
  • 12" extra long ACLI safety plugin

Retail Price

$334.99 at Misikko Hana Salon.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer

Misikko HANAAir Professional Hair Dryer Review

Quality and Performance

  • Misikko Hana Air is no ordinary dryer. I knew it the first time I held it. Sturdy, ergonomic, and easy to use, dryer dried my hair in fast and noninvasive manner.
  • Air was light and warm. Didn't burn my scalp like most dryers do.
  • Dryer worked fast and efficiently. I believe drying time was about 10 - 15 minutes, which is about 10 minutes faster than my ordinary hair dryer.
  • Dryer also volumnized my hair without leaving fly-a-ways. 
  • I didn't need to style during or afterward -- no joke. All I did, after blow drying, was brush hair down with a flat brush, and everything just fell in place.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Superior design. Excellent performance.
Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Three heat settings to allow adjustable use.
Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Fast drying and volumizing power.
Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Like a wet dog.
Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
No self styling needed.

Hair dried in minimum time.

Look and Feel

  • Misikko Hair Dryer has beautiful, luxurious design. 
  • However, it is heavier than most dryers I have used, and can be hard to manage if I need to style my hair (with a brush) while blow drying.
  • The cord is extra long, which can be hard for storage. However, because Misikko Hana Air is professional grade, its extra weight and extra long cord are good for salon use.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Beautiful packaging. Professional delivery.

Overall Likes

  • Gorgeous design.
  • Excellent performance and results.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Adjustable heat that never got too hot.

Overall Dislikes

  • Heaviness and long cord may be hard for home storage.

Overall Rating 




Good hair is important for women, and so is convenience, efficiency and having dependable products. Misikko Hana Air certainly delivered on all aspects. Great product!

Additional Thoughts. Please read.

It was a pleasure working with Misikko's marketing team. Though I am only a blogger, they treated me with the utmost respect. Product was delivered on time, communication was prompt, and package was professionally assembled, with extra bonuses.

If they treat bloggers this well, imagine how attentive they are to actual customers.


Here are the bonuses included in the package:

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Misikko Hana Air came in a gorgeously packaged box.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
A drying pad.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Two sets of hand sanitizers and nail files.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Paul Mitchell products.

A hair brush and its furry friend.

Misikko Hana Air Hair Dryer
Last but not least, an ELF lash curler.

 Thank you for reading.


I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and using Misikko HanaAir Hair Dryer.


If you have also used this hair dryer, please share you experience.


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