Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thrifty Fashion - Goodwill at South Lake Union Seattle

Don't you love thrifty fashion? 

By "thrifty," I meant actual thrift store thrifty, as in Goodwill. But how good is fashion at Goodwill, right? 

Well, if you come to South Lake Union's Goodwill in Seattle, you will find the latest fashion for the cheapest price. Shelves are stocked with quality second-hand, space appears clean and organized, and staff constantly wears a smile.

Two days ago, a mama friend and I met up at South Lake Union, and couldn't help ourselves from browsing Goodwill. A "quick stop" somehow turned into an hour of shopping haul. But hey, no regrets. We both walked away with fantastic thrifty fashion.

 Goodwill at South Lake Union in Seattle

Outside looks nice and posh too.

Racks of the latest second-hand fashion.

Shoes are neatly lined up.

Cutest kids' fashion at a discount.

These Chinese Laundry pumps were only $9.99.

Whoo! Blue heels by Guess. If only my feet weren't swollen.

Looking pleasantly plump after retail therapy.

So, what were my thrifty fashion finds, anyway?

Banana Republic blazer for only $14.99 - perfect outerwear for fall.

Wet Seal jacket for only $1.29.

  So glad we stopped at South Lake Union's Goodwill.

Where do you find thrifty fashion?

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