Monday, March 4, 2013

Fitness After Pregnancy - Lose Weight the Smart Way

The last 10 pounds of postnatal weight are frustrating. For someone who never had weight issues, and work out like crazy, carrying extra flab feels humiliating. 

Whatever I did, however much effort I put in, nothing worked.

Then I realized: perhaps working hard isn't the answer?

Work smart -- now that's something I need to try.

Lose Weight The Smart Way

1. Smart Snacks

The saying goes, "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym."

When you eat like crap, you feel like crap. Doesn't matter if you spend hours working out.

A few weeks ago, I started consuming healthy, nutritious and non-preserved foods. I've seen huge improvements. I haven't lost much weight, but clothes fit better, and body looks leaner. I even noticed definition on my abs, and that's just awesome for a new mom.

Snacking Smart: Prosciutto Panini on Organic Wheat Baguette.

2. Smart Supplements

If you need extra help, there are weight loss supplements on the market. 

Now I'm not promoting unhealthy diet pills. I'm promoting supplements with natural ingredients.

Raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract, for example, are natural supplements that speed metabolism, and don't suppress hunger. They are proven to work, and are even promoted by Dr. Oz.

3. Smart Sleep

When you sleep enough, your mind is clearer, and you make better choices. You'll eat better foods, and have more energy for exercise.

Really. Instead of "beauty sleep," people should call it "health sleep."

4. Smart Style

If you need a confidence boost, try to dress slimmer. It's not a real solution, but a helpful patch that'll get you closer to your goal. Losing weight is a long battle, and this is just a way to carry you through.

Suggestions? Dark leggings, long tunics, and blazers are all slenderizing pieces. 

5. Smart Workouts

My biggest problem is finding time to work out. Taking care of two little ones and managing several blogs take over my life. 

To be able to exercise, I must be creative, and do home exercises. Throughout the day, I break out these "moves" that accumulate into 30 minutes of fitness.

Want to see a home exercise I invented? I call it Step - Knee Up - Repeat Until Fatigue.

Step - Knee Up - Repeat Until Fatigue

(Home Exercise)


A small stool or step. 

Step 1

Rest one foot on stool, and the other foot on floor.

Step 2

Lift the foot on floor up, with a knee up.

Repeat until fatigue. (I recomment 50 reps minimum.)

Switch legs.   

The exercise is great for quads.


Hope you try it out.


And hey, Happy Monday!



  1. You can eat anything as long as it's in moderation. It's important to exercise and move.

  2. Great post, love all the creative tips :) x

  3. you have a tremendous figure! got to go for your very useful tips!
    kisses dear

  4. you're such a great role model! i'm glad you're doing a very health way for your fitness, many women just stop eating when they want to lose weight which is a big mistake because they'll just gain it back again (twice the amount!) and they're messing up their metabolism which is why they can't keep the weight off. healthy eating, enough sleep and regular exercise is definitely the best way for fitness :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO


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