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Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin - Spa Owner in Seattle Talks About Sugaring (Skin Care Blog Post)

Need hair removal for sensitive skin?

Waxing may not be the right choice.

Waxing vs. Sugaring

While both hair removal methods require applying sticky solution and peeling it off, sugaring causes much less pain.

Sugaring solution is made with natural, food-grade ingredients like sugar, lemon and water. You can actually eat it. Wax, on the other hand, consists of dyes, chemicals, fragrances and preservatives. It's harsher for skin.

Sugaring solution is water-soluble -- you can take it off with water. Wax needs products like baby oil to remove.

Also, sugaring takes away dead cells and hair, whereas wax takes away all skin cells, including live ones.

As you can see, sugaring is much less invasive, and therefore the perfect form of hair removal for sensitive skin.

A "post-op" picture with Seattle's premiere sugarist herself

Meet Djaouida, Spa Owner in Seattle and Sugarist

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Djaouida, a Seattle spa owner who specializes in sugaring. Her services include facials, waxing, and other beauty and wellness needs.

With a few years' experience as a sugarist, Djaouida knows a thing or two about sugaring. Below, she shares insights about this amazing hair removal system:

What is sugaring?

"Sugaring is the most natural and gentle method of hair removal that originated in ancient Egypt. Women have been using sugar to remove hair for centuries."
"There is no animal testing or harmful side effects because it is 100% natural...Sugaring is less irritating and less painful and will give you significantly smoother skin. It is applied against the hair growth and extracted from the root."

Before applying sugar solution, Djouida poured baby powder all over to find out in which direction hair grew.


What are the benefits of sugaring?

"The main benefit of sugaring is the fact that it is [gentle and less painful,] and will over time damage the hair follicle, which results in the hair growing back more sparsely, [or] stop growing all together."

She then lathered on a thick solution.
And gently peeled off follicles.

No. It did not hurt.

In fact, it felt pretty good.


What is the cost of sugaring?

"Generally they are a little more than waxing because sugar paste is more expensive at cost. However you will find my prices quite the opposite."
"[My prices are] very competitive...for example, a brow sugaring with me is $25, a Brazilian is $75 (maintenance $65) I'm catering to people like me who are looking maintain their beauty and health and still have gas money and food for their families."

"[My services are] about $10 less than my competition."

Quite a hairy arm. 

 Smooth and hairless. 
A side by side comparison


About Djaouida

Since an early age, Djaouida knew that she would be in the beauty business. But timing wasn't right.

In September of 2009, after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, Djaouida started Esthestician school. She graduated in 2010, and opened her business four months later.

In a short time, she grew her client base from a few to a few hundred.

Her formula for success?


"I love my job."

"It is extremely gratifying to be pampered but also very nice to give it...I love my products and what they have to offer...I put a lot of energy into my facial treatments and I really enjoy working with skin and seeing the glows and the smiles that come with it."
"It's a good feeling to be the one to make someone feel beautiful and rested."

What's special about Djaouida's services?

"My services are not like anyone else's...they are unique."

"They are 100% natural and made out of real exotic fruits, botanical, and even chocolate."

"I'm not a traditional Esthetician who is just there to scrub your face and slap some products on. I truly love my services and enjoy giving them"

Where can you find her in Seattle?

Djaouida Skincare is located inside the West Seattle Wellness Center in the heart of the West Seattle junction. 
Book online at djaouida.com.
Call 206-919-5562.


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