Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Optimize Blog Images (Blogging Tips Weekly)

One down, four to go. Can we skip to the weekend, please?

Today's Blogging Tips Weekly covers how to optimize images on your blog.

If you already do this, great. You can probably offer me seo consulting services. :O)

If not, no problem. Perhaps the following steps can get you started?

(By the way, I began optimizing images on my other blog, Cheap Makeup Reviews. So far, images have shown up on half of reported searches.)

How to optimize blog images:

1. Reduce file size.

The worst blogs are those that take forever to load.

It's wonderful that you have an expensive camera and take awesome pictures. But when your pictures take a long time to show up, readers will lose interest. 

Each second, a fashion, beauty or skin care blog pops up in the world somewhere. If you give readers the slightest reason to leave, they will.

To reduce photo size, use a program like Photoshop. Try to keep image size in the kilos. (Or reduce original size by at least 50%.)

**NOTE: file size is completely different from display size, by the way. You can choose a large display on a small file.

When it comes to posting images on your blog, bigger isn't always better.


2. Optimize for search engines.

Search engines are composed of lines of code, just like any other program. They are intelligent and complicated, but not human.  It's up to the humans to optimize for them -- a huge reason why seo consulting services is a hot field right now.

Search engines read words, but don't understand pictures -- and they sure don't know how to connect "7094.jpg" to a blog post about fashion.   

Before posting a picture, change file name to a phrase that relates to your blog or post. Then, change alt tag and title text too.

Please wait? Yeah right.

3. Add caption.

Sometimes, a picture doesn't speak a thousand words.

I have seen blog posts with random pictures that don't mean anything.

A lonely trail in the woods -- okay, thanks. Not coming back.

Adding caption to images further explains the ideas you try to convey.  

Thanks for reading.


I know a lot of you are already doing this. But if not, it's never to late to start.

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  1. That's very good advice. Newer bloggers don't always think about that. It was something I had to learn :)

  2. Thanks for the tips :)


  3. Thanks for the tips, find them very good and useful! xo

  4. I'm the worst at renaming my images but I need to! Great tips :)

  5. This is such a useful post! I never even thought about the second point, I will def rename my pictures from now on! Thanks so much!

    Cherry Lane xx

  6. You always have the best advice! Thank you for sharing, I will keep these in mind even more now xx - Boho Vanity

  7. These are some really nice tips and I agree about photos taking forever to load! I hate when that happens especially on my old computer! haha


  8. great tutorial!
    thanks so much!

  9. you are a jack of all trades...thanks for the bloggy tips! stop by the blog today if you would like to enter for a chance to win some handmade jewelry;)

  10. you always have the best tips on how to make our blogs the best they can be. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing these types of blog posts. i always forget to make my images smaller!! *smh* oopsie! thank you for the reminder, sweetie! lol xx

  11. i've always named my images in relation to whatever the product was anyway, just to make it easier when i'm editing them/putting them into folders. i never thought it helped out with seo.


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