Thursday, March 21, 2013

BijaBody Anti-Aging Body Treatment Review (Skin Care Products Reviews)

I've got a girl crush on Melissa.

A week or so ago, a nice lady contacted me about reviewing her products.

"Oh great. Another advertiser asking me to review something that smells like a thousand roses," I thought. (I think I rolled my eyes too.)

Then I read about Melissa, founder of BijaBody, and found out that she traveled the world when she was 18, kayaked the fastest rivers, became an ethestician, and made products that she herself has a passion for. 

I found out that Melissa began BijaBody and Rooted In Beauty to "link the beauty industry with women-owned agricultural cooperatives in developing countries to provide sustainable farming and economic opportunities in places that desperately need them."

In shorter words, I found Melissa and her products so substantially unique from others.

I fell a bit in love with Melissa.

I hoped that I would fall in love with her products too. 

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Look at this neat sample package! I was so happy to receive it in the mail.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Beauty blogger's dream - an assortment of goodie samples.

First up, BijaBody Anti-Aging Body Treatment Review 

Melissa sent me multiple products. I will review them one at a time, as I become acquainted with each one.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment


Quality and Performance

  • First of all, lotion includes natural ingredients -- and very few of them: honey, peptides, turmeric, algae, resveratrol and vitamins.  
  • My motto is: the less chemicals, the better. I immediately liked this.
  • Formula is thick, but still blendable.
  • It absorbed into skin with gentle rubs.
  • It also hydrated skin, giving it a supple glow.
  • I can feel the moisture immediately after application.
  • Overall, formula offers nice quality, and excellent hydrating power.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Always love a thick formula.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Nice consistency, right?
skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Smooth application.



  • Like I said, formula hydrated immediately.
  • The moisture felt great. 
  • A little sticky afterwards, but tolerable. 


  • No irritations to skin after use.
  • No irritating smell either.
  • Product really did feel and smell natural. 

Lasting Power

  • A couple of hours, at least.
  • Good enough for me. 


  • I received a sample size. No opinion on the packaging.

Overall Likes

  • Thick formula. Lathers on nicely.
  • All-natural ingredients that works.
  • No irritating smell.
  • Superb hydrating power.
  • Fast absorbancy.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Sufficient lasting power.  

Overall Dislikes

  • Sticky, but not uncomfortable.

Overall Rating



skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment


skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment

Next up: BijaBody Daily Body Scrub.


But before that, please read about Melissa, and check out her products at

BijaBody is sold at Gene Juarez Salons and Sweet Spot Sugar Studios in Seattle.



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  2. Great review and I can see why you fell in love with Melissa's products. I love the thick creme with body butter and you're right about her packaging, it's very chic and clean


  3. It looks and sounds amazing! Love the before and after shot.

  4. The moisturizer definitely looks like it's working. I like the ingredient list as well and am trying to move towards skin care with fewer ingredients that are also natural (it's scary how many of our beauty products have random chemicals in them).

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Thank you for a wonderful review - I really like the idea of this one. Will definitely remember the name. x

  6. love the review, I don't like sticky cream either


    Romantique Obsession

  7. Mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

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  9. This product is amazing! It was worth my try and I'll keep using this.

  10. One natural botanical extract was recently discovered by accident at a cancer institute at Univ. of Texas, Oleander extract, that took 5-10 years off my facial appearance w/in 90-days, which is amazing cuz I've been using anti-aging facial products for 15 years and I have never gotten dramatic, visible results like these


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