Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Friendship Chat - Mom Dating Dos and Don'ts (Fashion Blog Post)

Mom Dating -- What the hell is that?

Mom dating (on this blog) refers to moms -- mostly new moms -- making friends with each other.

It's cumbersome like real dating, with awkward greetings, waiting for each other to call, butterflies before meeting up, and all that good stuff.

And why is making friends with moms this cumbersome?

Because moms don't make friends for just themselves; they make friends for their children as well. (Play dates, birthday know, family stuff.)  

Mom friends are for the long haul -- sometimes friends for life -- and that is why they must choose carefully.

Also, moms have little room for socializing. When they do, they are picky about who to socialize with. There really isn't time for tolerating people we don't like, comparing with each other, or throwing catty jabs.

Flat boots - mobile and stylish.

Without further adieu, dos and don'ts of mom dating

(With fashion, of course.)

When meeting new moms...

Do: wear something casual yet stylish (see pictures)

Moms wear functional clothes that they can be active in. If you are all done up at the playground, you'll intimidate others, and immediately cast yourself as "unapproachable."

You can still look put-together with stylish street wear. But please leave the stilettos at home.

Don't: focus on your own needs


You are out with your child, not out to socialize. Pay attention to your kid. Make her feel good. Then, if you happen to run into a nice parent to talk to, score!

Flannel - the ultimate comfort wear.

Do: look for common ground

A 5-year-old will not play with a waddler

A working mom who's stopping by the play ground during 30 minutes of lunch won't have time to connect with a stay-at-home parent.

If you want to make true connections, look for things you have in common: kids' age, ethnic background, hobbies and interests, etc. 

Don't: push it    

If you don't feel the chemistry, politely exit the situation. No reason to force a friendship if there is nothing there.

Do: be yourself

I have seen a few moms try to be someone else to fit in. I wish they were more confident.

If you watch Toddlers and Tiaras, and love dressing your little girl in sugar pageant dresses, there is no point in disguising that. Be proud of who you are, and others will appreciate your honesty.

Biker jacket - offering a little personality.

Don't: be shy

Like someone? Ask for her number.

She's not a terrorist; she's not a bomb you must diffuse. There is no reason to fear her. Just ask.

Do: follow through

When you do obtain someone's contact info, follow up by setting up a date -- AND GO!

If you flake, you are gone. Moms don't have time for B.S.

Don't: expect too much

Real friendships take time. There is no need to rush.

Pony tail - fun and sporty.
Smile - an inviting accessory.


Thanks for joining this friendship chat.


Hey, you don't have to be a mom to use these dos and don'ts.


Do you have anything to add about meeting new friends?



  1. I think this goes for every girl out there trying to make new friends ^_^
    MAn, you boots are incredible!!!

  2. Agree with your dos and donts, you also look very pretty, I like the combo, especially the jacket and the boots! kisses! xo

  3. Love the do and donts. I agree with them. I have made friends with mums and now they have become quite good friends.

  4. This is such a great post, Triston! I love how you're encouraging moms to have genuine friendships, and to truly be themselves. I think every woman (mom or not) needs to understand some of these principles. Plus, you look darling!

    ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

  5. cute tomboy look...thank you for commenting on my blog. I disagree that the eyeliner looks 'just sloppy' but I featured something that not only this particular eyeliner has, but various others. My review was just sharp enough to pinpoint this out, and I think more beautybloggers should be honest about this

  6. Awesome advice!
    Love your look!


  7. You look awesome, love it.

  8. Thank you, I love it too. :)
    Awesome outfit!

  9. Love the look girl! Haha as I nanny- I semi get this. Play dates can suck if its with the wrong person ;) great tips!


  10. This post rings so true! 'Courting and dating' new friends can be as frustrating - and rewarding - as courting and dating a potential mate, and with fewer guidelines. You sound like a thoughtful and caring friend and I hope you find some like-minded moms!

  11. Awwwwww what a super cute post, I really enjoyed it, even though I'm not a mom but you are right, it works for making friends! I really, really your outfit also, totally my style!


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