Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone (Fashion Blog Post)



The princess and the pioneer.

I want to raise pioneers. I want my girls to grow up and become strong, independent thinkers. I want them to obtain the confidence to take on the world.

I want them to fail, multiple times, so that success, when they've earned it, tastes sweeter. I want them to not only know of, but experience hardship, and try and try until they come out ahead.

I want them out of their comfort zone, at least once in a while -- to jump off a cliff, and build their wings on the way down. 

But wanting is different from making it happen.

In fact, pioneers are pretty hard to come by. I know because our 3-year-old provokes me to give up with every tantrum, public or private. What keeps me battling on is that I don't want to raise princesses.


Princesses are entitled. (Think: Paris Hilton.) They get whatever they want without putting in hard work, and will (most likely) grow into self-serving, accountability-deprived adults. What do they know of getting out their comfort zone? Of failure? And most of all, how would they ever contribute to society?

But princesses are so much easier though.

Just give the kid whatever she wants, right?


Then the real test came: has my child been bullied in school?

Know this: Jo, our 3-year-old, loves school. Or she did until a few weeks ago. What was an excited trip up the stairs to her beloved Teacher J became an anxious experience and frenzied whining.

This went on for days and days. It sucked for everyone.

Why doesn't the kid like school anymore?

Turns out that some boy tried to hit her.

For the first time as a parent, I faced the most difficult decision: princess or pioneer?

Taking Jo out of school would have been the easier choice: no more dealing with this potential bully, or explaining that the world is tougher than she knows, or tirelessly encouraging a little girl to stand up for herself.

I mean, why not? I'll have less to worry about. Except I don't want to raise princesses! And neither does my husband. Joining forces, my husband and I fought on:

"Not everyone gets along..."

"If he tries to hit you again, just look him in the eye and say, 'don't hit people!'..."

"You don't need him to like you. You have Sabrina; you have Sophie; you have lots of friends..."

We've been at it for a few weeks.

So how's Jo doing now?

Not great but better. She no longer whines before school. And even though she's not thrilled to see this boy, she no longer fears him. I can honestly say that forcing her out of her comfort zone has built (at least some) confidence. 

And what does this long, boring story has to do with fashion?

Well, after seeing my daughter gaining courage outside of her comfort zone, I decided to go out of mine as well.

I'm not one to follow trends, but have been eyeballing summer's shorts-and-heels look. Finally, when the weather was still warm a few weeks back, I decided to give this combo a try. Sure it felt funny at first, but became natural soon after.

I know what you're thinking: she didn't get out very far. But hey, I spend most days in yoga pants. Give me a break!

What happened to the "bully?"

Oh. Him. After talking with Teacher J, we learned that the boy was "attracted to playing with Jo." He was just coming on too strong.

I wouldn't quite call it a crush, but it was definitely not bullying. (By the way, I also saw the boy in person, and our daughter pretty much towers over him. Definitely not bully-material.)

Thanks for reading.


What about you?


What are your thoughts about raising pioneers and getting out of your comfort zone?



  1. Oh you look AMAZING!!! I love this get up and I can see how different it is from yoga pants! It's different for everyone I guess. For me, I'm always either in dresses or tracksuits/yoga pants. I absolutely stay clear from jeans (I only have 2 pairs believe it or not) because I'm a bit fussy with them. With regards to the bullying, how absolutely terrible. I hate it when kids have to face that but kudos to your little one for being so brave. And to you and your husband for helping to nurture and encourage that.

  2. That's a cute dichotomy, I'll think about that because I want to raise a pioneer for sure!

  3. Super chic outfit and love the necklaces !
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  4. Great post, and I bet your daughter will grow up strong like her parents :D
    You look gorgeous!!
    I found your blog on a really old blog hop (hehe) and am now following! :D

  5. Boring Story? It was magnificent!

  6. I'm sure your girls growing up very strong and wil be powerful women like you. Very very Great Post.

    And your Outfit is fantastic, too.

  7. I need to take that advice myself and go out of my comfort zone more...I have been trying though!
    LOVE your bag, the mix of texture/print is lovely :)

  8. I am glad the bullying ended up being nothing too serious. And it's great that you got out of your comfort zone because of that whole story. You look great out of it ;-)

  9. You are so right and though it must have been a hard few weeks, Jo has more courage and stepped out of her comfort zone.
    This outfit is gorgeous on you! Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Oh poor! I'm sorry, these facts are recently so common in the schools, I can get your worries. Your daughter is great and sweet, will grow up strong and brave:) Btw, you look smashing, great combo, I like the color of the shirt and the clutch! Kisses! xo

  11. I appreciated this post a lot, you're absolutely right! And you look beautiful in the first shoot!
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  12. Beautiful look, darling!
    Love that necklace!


  13. Great outfit! Stunning and stylish!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  14. I really love that clutch! I often worry about the scool systems and kids in schools in general thesedays, but I agree! You also look great! x.Madison

  15. You look gorgeous!
    Love the color of the top and the necklace.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  16. Nice outfit on you ^^! It looks really good <3!


  17. It is a fine balance between raising a princess and a strong girl isn't it? You handled the situation so well. And the you handled the shorts/heels well look great!
    Debbie :)

  18. Really beautiful post. I love the way your write and really enjoy your stories into motherhood. xx


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