Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Look Slim in 7 Steps - A Fashion Blog Post

Perhaps you have let yourself go during the holidays, or you are a new mom like me, still on your way to pre-pregnancy fitness. Whichever "condition" you fall in, wouldn't it be nice to look slim in an instant? 

In today's fashion blog post, there is no sweating in the gym (though it's not a bad idea), just 7 simple steps on how to dress up and slim down

How to Look Slim in 7 Steps

1. Elongate Neckline

Short necklines look stubby, unless you have the neck of a swan. Go for long and lean necklines, like a v neck or draped collar (seen in pictures here).

2. Straighten and Part Hair

Straight hair looks sleek and slenderizes your face. Parting hair to the side cuts a full face even more.

3. Wear Big Accessories

Hide your body behind big accessories.

In my outfit, the fringy bag takes attention away from the body with its mass and details. 

4. Opt for Bright Colors

Bright colors also attract attention, giving viewers less chance to look at your body.

5. Conceal Flaws

Hide anything that you don't want to promote. For me, they are my love handles and postpartum middle.


6. Accentuate Strength

Of course, if you have flaws to hide, you must have something to show off.

A few years of running gave me strong legs, which haven't plumped (that much) during pregnancy. The jeggings do my legs justice.

7. Elevate Height

Taller always looks slimmer. These boots added about two and a half inches. That felt awesome :O)


Look Slim vs. Look Chubby

Just for fun, here's how to look chubby (see picture below):

1. A short neckline. You can't even see my neck here.

2. Wavy hair makes face chubbier.

3. Small accessories that doesn't take away focus.

4. Dull colors that doesn't grab attention.

5. Displaying a flabby stomach with a tight shirt.

6. Hiding legs, my best assets.

7. Making myself shorter by wearing flats.      

How to look chubby :O)

Here's a side-by-side to show you the difference:

 Again, exercising and eating healthily are the best ways to slim down.


Meanwhile, try looking slim with clothes and accessories.


Do you have anything to add?


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