Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Rainy Christmas - Life in Seattle

People argue that Seattle doesn't celebrate Christmas. They are partially right. Seattle rarely snows, and never gets bitterly cold. But our city, in its signature light drizzle, celebrates Christmas just the same: we have gatherings; we decorate; we leave presents under the tree. Although our rainy weather doesn't paint a standard picture of Christmas, Seattle does celebrate -- and for our family, it was a merry one this year.

Petite Bites and Gift Exchange

On Christmas Eve, one of the savviest moms I know threw a gift exchange for the kids. She also made a table full of petite bites, each one deliciously mouthwatering. 

These were tender and delicious.

Aren't these mini sandwiches the best idea?

You know you are having fun when time flies. All of a sudden, clock turned 2 p.m. and I sadly pried our toddler to leave. (I know, evil mommy :O) )


Presents Under the Tree

At night, after a not-so-fun run in the rain, I came home to a hot shower, and stayed up until early morning to finish wrapping. 

Can't wait til' Jo wakes up in the morning.

Unwrapping the Fun

Excitedly, our family unwrapped presents in the morning. To avoid spoiling our children, we purposely reduced the amount of presents to five each. Still, Jo received more than she had time to play with, and was able to have fun with each one.

Like me as a little girl, Jo's favorite were Lego blocks.

Fun for my daughter. Fun for me :O)

And thanks to hubby, I now have the easiest coffee machine.

No mess and no fuss - Keurig is the best!

Testing out the new machine with a hot cup of joe.


A Nap, for All of Us

After presents, our family enjoyed savory eggs and sausages for brunch.

Nap time is an absolution at our house. It gives the toddler rest and keeps parents sane. Luckily, Jo went down quickly, and granted my husband and I two hours to watch a Christmas movie

Christmas movies are sweeter with bananas in nutella and truffles.

We ended the rest of the day with a home-cooked dinner and tiramisu cake.


See? Seattle does celebrate Christmas, just like everywhere else.


Hope you all had a merry Christmas too!


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