Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - 5 Unattractive Side Effects of Aging - Real Struggles of a Thirty-Something Beauty Blogger

As a beauty blogger, I write about makeup tutorials and beauty tips -- the glamorous part of owning a beauty blog. But because I am a blogger, I have to be real about the gritty part too, namely becoming older. 

Aging sucks!  

Movie stars admitted it, my mom admitted it, and I am admitting it to you guys: getting older is perhaps one of the most unattractive things any human being will face. Sure you can age gracefully, but you are still aging. Thirty-something skin just doesn't have the same quality as twenty-something skin.

Let's be real, shall we?

I started this beauty blog at 29. As the blog and I both aged, I have noticed many side effects of growing older. In today's post, I will share these unattractive but truthful details of being in my thirties, and how I have learned to embrace them.


Because being a beauty blogger isn't about being the best and prettiest, but about being real and true to her audience. 


5 Unattractive Side Effects of Aging


1. Wrinkly Hands

You can have the supplest skin, but your hands always give away your age. Over time, hands tire, thin out, and wrinkle.

How to embrace?

Wear vintage jewelry. 

Your hands are not old, they are antique. And just like real antique (that people pay an exorbitant price for), they tell stories. They have made meals for Sunday dinners, taken care of children, and held your husband's face as he proposed.

Honor your old, wrinkly hands with an antique-style ring. The ring tells stories, and so do you.


2. Thinning Eyebrows

How annoying! Those bushy eyebrows that you can't pluck enough are now tiny bristles. As your hair starts to thin, so do your brows.

How to embrace?

More reason to tap into your artistic side. Purchase a good brow kit (the one by ELF cost only $3), and learn how to fill them yourself. 

Bonus? Now you can have whatever shape of eyebrows you want, instead of just ... thick!


3. Large Pores

As you age, pores get bigger and more visible. My pores are more prominent each year, and they look awful!

How to embrace? 


I like MAC Studio Sculpt or Studio Fix, Estee Lauder Double-Wear, and Clinique RepairWear.

New makeup? I'm game!


4. Droopy Eyelids

Droopy lids are caused by muscle loss around your eyes. They make you look tired. 

How to embrace?

Still figuring it out. For now, my excuse is: up with a newborn all night.

5. Veiny Feet

Years of walking in heels have made your feet veiny and gnarly. 

How to embrace?

Buy comfortable shoes. 

(Yay! Shoe shopping.)

Also, get a pedicure.

(Yay! Pedicure.)



Yes, you can age gracefully, but it still sucks.


Are you brave enough to be real too, and share your struggles?


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