Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Find Your Wedding Dress by Personality - A Fashion Blog Post

A friend's potential engagement got me thinking about wedding dresses, and how special they are. It's a dress that you wear only once, on the most memorable day of your life.

Choosing the right wedding dress, therefore, can be quite a chore. Some women take months of grueling shopping to find the perfect one. Luckily, I found mine within a few hours, mostly because I shopped by personality

find wedding dress by personality
A lovely father-daugther dance.

Despite an obsession for superficial things like clothes and makeup, which clearly displays in my fashion and beauty blog, I am actually very simple, and so was my wedding dress. Others might not like my 200-dollar dress. It doesn't have typical details of sparkly beads or lacy layers, but it allowed me to be myself -- the woman my husband fell in love with.

find wedding dress by personality
Chilling with m.o.h at the bridal suite.

Finding a wedding dress by personality is a great idea, especially if you are the type of woman who looks most beautiful only when she feels comfortable with herself.

All photos are provided by Dimitra Designs Bridal Emporium, one of the best bridal shops in Spartanburg SC. For over 30 years, owner Dimitra Mandala has been designing dresses. Her store offers full service bridal attire, including mother-in-law dresses and tuxedo rentals, as well as pageant and special occasion gowns.

Find Your Wedding Dress by Personality


If you are easygoing...

You go with the flow, and are happy with anything. You are fun, easy to please, and love to have a good time. You might even go for a drama-free destination wedding.

For you, a simple, flow-y gown works best. Just put it on, and look gorgeous.

find wedding dress by personality
Wedding Gown by Mon Cheri

If you are traditional...

For a girl who honors family values and old-school traditions -- and whose favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella -- go for a classic ball gown. It has timeless style, and makes your waist appear teeny.

find wedding dress by personality
Strapless Taffeta Wedding Gown by Jacquelin Exclusive

If you are a diva...

Let me guess, you are often misunderstood. You adore high fashion; you like labels; and you always get what you want. For someone as commanding as you are, opt for a gown with coutour details and opulence -- you are not walking down the isle, you are walking down a runway!

find wedding dress by personality
Ruched Drop Waist Mermaid Bodice KittyChen Daisy Gown

If you are one-of-a-kind...

You are quirky, different, and always think outside the box. Your wedding dress should reflect your personality, like something whimsical and unexpected.

find wedding dress by personality
Edgy Short Length Bridal Gown by Dere Kiang

If you are glamorous...

You like diamonds; you like brilliance; you like being the center of attention and shine. For a dazzling star like yourself, try a dress with old Hollywood style. 

find wedding dress by personality
High Collar Lace Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress by Enzoani Bridal Dress Farrah

And if you are simple like me...

How about a strapless number with smooth A line? It's perfect for a minimalist.

find wedding dress by personality
Mon Cheri Bridal Wedding Dress


Finding the perfect wedding dress is a big deal, so choose carefully.

Steer away from being trendy, and be yourself.

Which personality are you, and what kind of wedding dress would you choose?



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