Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 for Mind, Body and Soul - A 3 X 3 Christmas Wishlist

For the mind:

1. Adobe Creative Cloud Membership

Membership includes all of Adobe's latest software (like Photo Shop and Illustrator), free upgrades, MAC and Windows compatiblity, desktop access, and up to 20 gigs of cloud storage.

This is a great way to learn web and graphic design, even if you are just a blogger.

$49.99 per month for a year's membership at Adobe.


2. Rubik's Cube 4x4

This should keep me busy for a while, like a decade or so.

$15 at toy stores.


3. The Kirk Report Membership

Everyone's investment style is different, but this lawyer-turned-investor has been so successful that his advice is hard to ignore.

$100 per year at

For the body:

1. Asics Women's Thermopolis LT Capri

Soft, comfortable and breathable -- the perfect pair for running in rain. (It's a Seattle thing.)

$34.99 at Amazon.


2. Subscription to Oxygen Magazine

12 months of the cool muscle-building moves -- I want!

$19.97 for one year subscription at various magazine sites.


3. This is Why You are Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever) by Jackie Warner

To me, Jackie Warner has the perfect body. She's strong, lean, and powerful. I want her secrets, as well as receive motivation to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight.

$11.55 at Amazon.

For the Soul

1. Spending an Hour at (Any) Spa

Just one short hour away from the kids gives me plenty of recharge.

$60 - $100 per hour.

2. Getting Involved

Perhaps 2013 is the year I become more active in communities close to my heart.

3. Saying Prayers.

Don't we all need to do this more often, especially when so much bad is happening in the world, like last week's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary?


Last but certainly not least, I wish everyone a joyful holiday season!


What's on your wish list?


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