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5 Minute Face - a 5 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

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Now, onto "5 Minute Face."

No time for makeup application in the morning? 

You are not alone. Whether you are a working girl, stay at home mom, or student, your time in the A.M is limited. Don't you wish someone gave you makeup lessons on how to apply makeup in a hurry?

In between breakfast and getting dressed, if you can squeeze out five minutes, then you have plenty of time for makeup application.

The 5 minute face - a 5 minute morning makeup routine

I call it the "5 minute face," a quick 5 minute morning makeup routine that looks pretty and natural, and also gets you out the door on time.

Face - Two Minutes

Step 1 - Moisturize

Always start a morning routine with moisturizer.

Makeup Tip: Don't forget to moisturize the neck too.

Step 2 - Handle Spots with Concealer

(Ecotool Makeup Brush Sets are my favorites. And clinique concealer does a great job.)

Concealer help hide trouble spots.

Makeup Tip: 

1) Dab concealer on your trouble spots, like blemishes and under eye circles. But not all over your face.

2) Press makeup brush into your skin to fill open pores. Then even out with finger tips.
(See pictures below.)

Pressing down fills pores.

Finger tips evens out formula and smooths the skin.

Step 3 - Smooth Skin with Pore Minimizer. Use finger tips to even it out.

(Clinique Pore Minimizer is one of the best pore minimizer I have used. )

Makeup Tip: Use your finger tips and apply in circular motion.

Eyes - Two Minutes

Step 4 - Fill in Brows

(Again using Ecotool Makeup Brush.)

Step 5 - Apply Eye Liner to Top and Bottom Lash Lines

Makeup Tip: Make upper liner thick. Fill in only 2/3 of waterline for day look.

Step 6 - Using an Eye Makeup Brush, Apply a Neutral Shade Eye Shadow all over lids

Using Hard Candy Eye Makeup in "High Maintenance," but only the lighter color.

This eye makeup brush is a blending brush by Bobbi Brown. It works really well for all over shadows.

Step 7 - Curl Lashes and Add Mascara

(Shu Umera Lash Curlers give lashes long-lasting curls.)

Makeup Tip: Just a couple coats of mascara is enough for day.

Cheeks and Lips - One Minute

Step 8 - Sweep on Highlighter

Step 9 - Moisturize Lips

You can apply gloss or lipstick too, but I prefer soft, bare lips for day time.


Easy, all natural looking makeup for professional and busy women in five minutes. 


 What do you think of the "5 Minute Face" morning makeup routine?

How long do you need for makeup in the mornings?


  1. Your skin is absolutely lovely, it's glowing! I wish mine looked half as good as this. Thanks for the comment re.freelancing. I'm glad it's all worked out for you. How old is your daughter? You look so youthful to have a daughter xx

  2. Really great look! Of course, you have great skin!!

  3. looking radiant! I take around 5-10minutes too, Super lazy. Minus moisturising, Concealer, liner, tightline, mascara, blush, powder. go.

    Then I can do lips on the train. LOL

  4. you have beautiful face with or without make up :)

  5. Really pretty! Such a fresh and glowy look and it's quite simple to do. Great job!

  6. great tips! And i love the neutral look :)

    btw, i liked your page! :) hope you can like mine too <3


  7. wow , i always do my make up in a hurry. thanks for posting this..

  8. Beautiful! I love such natural look. I also love Clinique cosmetics, especially blusher, foundation and loose powder :)

  9. I love everything about these looks! The ecoTools brushes, Falsies mascara and that Hard Candy shadow. Yay for cranking out speedy AND gorgeous morning looks. You rock, mama!

  10. You look gorgeous and love the 5 min makeup routine. I also have a 5 minute routine and typically ends with a bold lip.

    Thank you so much for your support and kind words, means a lot and definitely will reach out once the baby is here for some advice :).

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  11. LOL, thats pretty much my daily routine there!

  12. Love this! I have been wanting to film a 5 minute face and really need too. There are so many people that think that you have to take so long to get ready in the morning and you don't! Great job!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. Very natural and fresh!!!

  14. love this tips girly absolutely nice to get up in the morning and give some little time for beauty did a good job

  15. your face looks great, very fresh :) i have the same ecotools powder brush, it's the best!

    ** i've nominated you for the 'versatile blogger award' :) ** congrats & click here to check out the post!

  16. Love the Clinique Pore Minimizer =) you look pretty =)

  17. We have a similar routine for daily makeup! =) With kids, you really can't take too much longer than 5 minutes for your makeup! lol

  18. You look so good even without makeup!

  19. Wow what an amazing end result. You always look soo beautiful

  20. Gorgeous! Very similar to my morning routine! :) Except I skip out on the eyeliner and add Nars Orgasm blush.

  21. Ah, the pore minimizer, THAT is what is going to be key for me here. Right now I spend about 10-15 mins on make-up but baby is arriving any day and i doubt I will want to spend that much time on it once I've got my lil bundle;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  22. I always enjoy your tips. I'll have to revisit the pore minimizer. I think I have it in my drawer.

  23. thanks for the great tutorial! love the look. so quick and natural.

  24. Love the post. I have a 5 minute routine as well. Its too hard to get up and ready for work and spending any more time than that for me.


  25. wow you look gorgeous! i will definitely be following your tips in the future :)

  26. Such a pretty look for a quick time spent!! I tend to find it a rush to do make up in the morning too!


  27. So simple and so gorgeous! If all it takes is 5 measly minutes to look like you, I'm sold! :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog love, hope you’ll be back to see my latest designs!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  28. You know what always gets me in the morning? Eyeliner.

    I mess up one section, go back to fix it, realize I've put on too much, take it all off, go try again... The process itself can take ten minutes!

  29. Wow, I can't believe all that only takes five minutes. I think I usually make do with four steps in about one minute and then I'm tired of looking at my face and ready to move on with my day!

  30. I found you blog through clothed much!

    You have beautiful skin and I am definitely going to have to try that pore minimizer from Clinique!

    Mindy from Nautical Stripes

  31. hey you are beautiful and does your skin !
    In the morning I use blusher+mascara+lipgloss = 5 mins :) I'll try cliniqye's concealer ;)

  32. You have such wonderful skin! I love this makeup look! Subtle, but very beautiful!!!! <3

  33. Yay for the quick morning routine! I will have to try the Clinique pore minimizer and the lash curler. And, I also have switched to online shopping. Finally! And I always look thru the clearance stuff first.

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  34. You look stunning with and without makeup :) xx

  35. Great post!
    I always do my makeup done,every day it's essential for me because i feel more confident.daily make up took me more than 5 minutes

  36. wow you make this look so easy! you're amazingly gorgeous and I love your blog! if you would follow me back I would just die! XO

  37. I Love Eco Tools brushes. Great quality at a super affordable price point.


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