Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skin Care Product Review - Bliv Glow and Shine Skin Smoothing Mask

Are you in need of a treatment for big pores?

New skin care products line Bliv (by Cellnique) offers a skin smoothing mask that promises to deep clean, reduce appearance of pores, and give skin a shiny glow.

Treatment for Big Pores - Bliv Glow and Shine Skin Smoothing Mask

I had the pleasure of testing this pore minimizing treatment. (Thanks to Bliv for contacting.) Here are my initial thoughts about Bliv Glow and Shine:

The Claim:

"Scrubs away flaws and imperfections, and brings out a noticeable smoothness and glow to your complexion."

"Deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred and unhealthy skin, to reveal the smooth, flawless complexion lurking within.

My Take:

  • Creamy formula contained tiny beads that felt really nice on the skin
  • Skin experienced a tingly sensation during use
  • Beads scrubbed and exfoliated well
  • Skin was left with a healthy, lively glow
  • Yes, skin did feel soft and smooth after use. And tight too.

My Likes:

  • Beads felt pleasant on the skin
  • Product's faint fragrance smelled fresh but not overwhelming
  • Smooth, creamy formula was consistent and easy to apply
  • Strong cleaning power
  • Skin felt soft, smooth and fresh after use
  • Easy to wash off

My Dislikes:

  • I felt tingly sensations during use. May not be suitable for sensitive skin
  • Price - retails at $25 per 1.7 oz bottle.
  • Takes longer to use than other masks or scrubs. (You have to wait for the mask to settle first and then scrub it with wet fingers. This to me takes too long.)

Overall Rating: 



Maybe. As far as pore minimizing treatments go, I'd like to give the product some time before determining if it truthfully works.

However, so far so good.

This treatment for big pores has a creamy formula consisting of micro beads

After leaving the skin smoothing mask on, you are supposed to wet your fingers and scrub in circular motion.

This exfoliating face products left skin shiny and smooth

Have you used Bliv Glow and Shine Smoothing Mask before?

What kind of pore minimizing treatment have you tried?


  1. you look great! but i can understand not enjoying the tingling sensation! the face is too sensitive for that sometimes!

    hugs, xo!

  2. Your face looks glowing in the last photo! I think it's definitely something I could use!!

  3. oh gosh! B-liv. I think i need you in my life! haha! great post~

  4. hmm never heard of this mask, but I think I'd like to try it!

  5. it sounds promising, is it like a mask??? interesting. I usually just use Mud mask once awhile to really deep cleanse my pore and in hopes that they get


  6. Superrr Review Girlie :D Love your shiny look

  7. I haven't tried any bliv products yet but I've heard pretty good feedbacks with regards to their blackheads treatment products. I'm currently using the Dickinson toner and it really helps minimize the appearance of enlarges pores..^_^~

  8. Great review!! Might need this to minimize my pores!

    xo Jenn

  9. never uses any kind of mask on my own
    only when I get my facial. LOL

    nice review :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  10. I might consider trying this product out! Thanks for the review!

  11. This looks like a good product, would love to see how it works out for you! PS- I love that you included a picture with you wearing the mask! Not many bloggers do that, lol, so kudos to you this time! :))
    Xo, Smitty

  12. This is really good! Great post :)

  13. wow perfect

  14. Thanks for this review, I like the tingly feeling some face washes leaves because it ensures me that it's "working". I really like how you organized this review as well, it was really easy to go through the likes/dislikes!


  15. i heard this brand is really good! tks for the post!

  16. my daughter and i just did masks this weekend! not sure the brand tho!


  17. looks like a great product!


  18. I should try to order this online! I have a very problematic skin and this product sounds amazing!


  19. Ive tried like verything i still got poores on my nose for example i really dont know what to do. Its really bothering me. I go to a clinique and get a treatment every month but it so expensive and my poores get around in just two weeks anyway so its pretty useless i guess. Its a big issue for me as i exercise allot like 4 hours a day so its hard keeping my skin fresh and clean. I get piples very easily. Guess its because of the sweating. Guess aint much i can do about it. I havent tried this one maybe i will i totally take it in consideration. thnx for sharing hun :))

    Btw you are super pretty! :)) im so jelous asian gals always have pretty skin all my asians friends have a silky smooth face and they are all so pretty haha.

  20. i haven't tried it yet but I am always on the look out for a good pore minimizing treatment. I will give it a shot great post xo

  21. hi just found your interesting blog!! well i haven;t tried them cause i use Apivita a greek company, although it seems that these products work really well for you!!your face is really clean!!
    check out my blog and feel free to comment!! i m your new follower!! hope you follow back!!

    ps:keep informing us with all these new goodies!!
    kisses xx


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