Friday, March 16, 2012

Reminiscing College Days

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend girlies! How are you celebrating?

Ever since we moved to Seattle, we haven't celebrated St. Pat's. But when I lived in the mid west, and especially in college, St. Pat's was a big deal. Our school was known for its annual St. Patrick's Day celebration, which lasted all week long, with games, parties and parades.

But it's not the drinking that I miss the most. Our school, a small, mostly boring, and tightly knit community full of engi-nerds, provided opportunities to develop long lasting friendships. While most people I met later in life have either lost touch with their old friends, or just haven't kept as strong of a bond, I have never lost the few that I made from school.

That must have been a fun girls' night out.

Relationships are developed over the amount of quality time we spend with each other -- let me emphasize on the word QUALITY -- and how we support each other through thick and thin. I remember crying on friends' shoulders during break ups, listening to them rant about their love lives until 3 a.m., and helping each other with homework until the sun came up. Those are times that none other experience can replace, when trust was affirmed through action, and not just lip service, or a quick wall post on facebook.

Chit Chatting in my room - one of our favorite things to do.

After graduation, whenever we can, we have always gone back during St. Pat's to relive our wild, crazy college days -- and again, not for the partying, but to be with each other.

Now that we are in Seattle, miles away from school, I haven't gone back in years. (Though I can still order that infamous annual St. Pat's shirt. Too bad my school isn't like Alabama Apparel -- go Dr. Bross :O) -- where alums can get University of Alabama shirts online.) But maybe, someday, we'll all meet up (at that dungeon of a bar) again.

What about you, girlie? What do you reminisce the most about the past?



  1. For me its the good old school days, where I didnt have a worry or care in the world, and I was too busy giggling in class and hanging around with my bestfriend.

    Lovely post xx

  2. Aw, this is nice :) It's good you keep in touch w/your friends from college. Sadly for me, the university I went to was not tight knit, but I did have very fun memories of being a college gal :D

  3. I loved my college days, found many lifelong friendships:)

  4. Nice post! The memories of my school and college days are still fresh in my mind...I miss my old pals a lot...

  5. I miss so much about college life and friend in philippines but when i move here four years ago. even one, I have nothing friend and this place is still new to me....

  6. One of the hardest transitions to make is from college, where we're surrounded by friends, to work, when we're not. Focusing on our job can leave us isolated and lonely. It's important to keep in touch with old friends and make new ones. Fortunately, electronic communication has eased this since my youth when we had to build a fire and send smoke-signals...


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