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Skin Care Blog Post - Luminaze - How to Get Rid of Age Spots Fast

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Have you noticed changes in your skin as you age?

Age spots, or often known as liver spots, are hyper-pigmented spots on your skin. They become more abundant, as well as apparent, as you get older. Though they are mostly harmless, age spots make your skin appear unattractive.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spots comes from overexposure to the sun. Skin has an agent called "melanin pigment," which naturally protects it from UV. However, as you age, your "melanin pigment" deteriorates, and your skin is subject to UV damage, resulting in dark spots on face, hands, shoulders, and anywhere that receives the most sun exposure.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots Fast?

Age spot treatments are not miracle creams. Even more invasive procedures take more than once to work. But some age spot treatments do work faster and better than others.

Natural Treatment for Age Spots

Scrubbing away dead cells help. Use a loofah in the shower, and vigorously scrub your skin for several minutes a few times a week.

Also, applying natural treatments for age spots such as lemon juice and buttermilk helps. 

Topical Treatments for Age Spots

There are many topical treatments for age spots. For example, face wash, skin lighteners and age spot treatment cream

Here are a few of the best skin care products for age spots that I recommend:

Luminaze Age Spot Removal Cream

Why it works: Uses the natural lightening properties in mushrooms to break down melanin in the skin. 

Price: $120.00 for 1 fl oz. bottle

Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser

Why it works: Contains natural ingredient chamomile to calm coloration and even out skin tone.

Price: $8.29 for 6 fl oz. bottle

Clinique Repairwear Foundation

Why it works: Matte foundation provides full coverage to conceal dark age spots.

Price: $32.50 for 1 fl oz. bottle

Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of age spots fast?

What are your best skin care products for age spots?


  1. Great round up! Thank you for the recommendations.

  2. The first bottle is so expensive! I'll have to give Aveeno a try though!

  3. Great post! I'll definitely pass these product suggestions onto my mum! :)

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  4. great tips. many of the locals here are prone to spots because of our location. will have to find something that works for me...thanks for the recommendations :)


  5. I've been fortunate to not yet have age spots but my Mom does have them. She's tried a lot of things but says Clinique Even better Skin Tone corrector is one of the best on the market.

  6. Products high in vitamin c are the best if you want to take the slow and steady approach. Dermalogica has a serum called extreme-c that get applied directly to the area, patience is key, it takes about 8 weeks to see results, and if you go back in the sun unprotected, it comes right back. Melanin has memory....darn that melanin

  7. these are great recommendations. I try not to be out in the sun (Ever) so hopefully, the age spots will keep away too! cross my fingers!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  8. I know someday I would need this tips. <3 thanks for sharing them over, hunn! :)

    xoxo, <3

  9. I have done IPL and sun damages and other little spots have lighten up.

  10. How I wish money grew on trees right about now...

  11. Great post! Will definitely keep these beauty products in mind!

  12. i probably will need to try some of these.. wonder if they work if you just spend too much time in the sun? (i need something along with my sunblock to protect my skin during the summer when i play beach volleyball)

  13. Ooh, I'm going to have to try that cleanser! My skin tone is a little uneven, thanks to all the tanning I did while pregnant!

  14. Hydroquonine is the active ingredient in most lightening products for brown spots. You can get good ones I hear from a derm. But my derm doesn't believe that have lasting powers. I've tried the Shisheido White Lucent and Aveeno stuff, and I don't really see any improvements. I've heard Dior Snow works well, but it's so pricey!

    xx Vivian @

  15. yeah, as you gets older, i noticed a lot of stuffs coming up on my face, i used lancome spot corrector for them, i also put sunscreen on everyday now to protect:))

  16. I need to try the lemon juice one! I've tried many things (I don't know if mine are 'age spots' or light large freckles- either way the ones next to my mouth drive me crazy) and I can't lighten them for the life of me!

  17. OMG, this is such a great post because I just saw one on my face the other day and I know it's from too much sun as a kid eventho i wear sunscreen everyday. I've tried the clinique even better skin corrector but I'm gonna try these others that you mentioned. Great post

  18. pues la verdad es que esos productos no los he probado, pero me los apuntaré.
    gracias por opinar siempre en mi blog eres muy maja.

  19. Great post, thanks for sharing doll!

    xo, H

  20. My mom uses SK cellumination series and they're really helpful. Her skin tone is improved by far, and the age spot is reduced. It's a really great product I think. I've not tried it myself though, I haven't got any age spot :p

  21. These are awesome tips!!! Great post, i really need to try a few of these! Even if they are just preventative measures! ;)

  22. I use the clinique one!! Amazing. I have tons of freckles on my face, so my dark spots are sort of camouflaged, but I can tell when new ones appear, or my freckles start to spread and glob into one. Works like a charm - SPF is a must!

  23. A good concealer does the trick most of the time but I usually have to just learn to just live with it :(

  24. I am dealing with age spots- funny thing is I actually thought you might have done a post about it and you did. I will definitely look into your suggestions. Thank you!

  25. Great post, thanks for the info!


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