Sunday, December 13, 2009


Despite Holiday parties, game nights and shopping trips, I still consider myself in full hibernation.  Christmas socks, fire place and a comfy blankie are the perfect components for any weekend, especially laying in hubby's arms and our puppy on my legs.

To further hibernate, I like watching girlie movies that make me feel warm and fuzzy.  Here are a few of my favorite girlie selections:

1) The Classic: Roman Holiday

This fun-filled old timer is also late Audrey Hepburn's first and best.  In my opinion, Roman Holiday is the most Romantic for the Holidays.

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 2) The Fashionista's Fave: The Devil Wears Prada

 ** SIGH ** Oh!  All the Chanel, Burberry and the names we drool over!  Plus Meryl, Anne and the stars we adore!  This movie is a girl's heaven - whatever she wears!


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3) The Career Girl's Dream: Working Girl

The shoulder pads, bad perms, and fusia cheeks may be outdated, the rest of this movie simply kicks ass!  For any girlie girl who dreams of sitting in that corner office and is working her butt off to get there, this is the movie to watch and feel triumphant about.

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4) The Romantic: Sex And The City, The Movie

This should be a no brainer.  For all those hopeless Romantics out there who believed in Carrie and Big and in love, this is the movie for you.


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 5) The Movie You Watch With Your Best Girl Friends: The Women

Divorce, job loss, and all the difficulties we may face, life can steer us in a downward direction.  But with our best girl friends by our side, we can always find a way up again.


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  1. Hi Tris, I saw Sex and the city, not my fav, but not bad either. The Devil wears prada, also not bad.

    Thanks for dropping by on my site, I appreciate your input!
    So, when do I get your leg pics? :-)
    have a wonderful week!

  2. Fabulous selections, darling! I love Roman Holiday!


  3. niiice selections! audrey is classic i looove her outfit selection in My Fair Lady, especially when she storms out of the house Mr Higgins, she is wearing peach coat and matching skirt woooooeeee

  4. Thanks for this list~! There are a few I haven't seen so I'll look for them :) xx

  5. I love girlie movies!! sex and the city is the best!! I can't wait to watch the second part!!

  6. good choices! i havent seen the last one, i might have to find it this weekend!

  7. Ohh thanks for the list! I love watching girly movies during the holidays haha

    Roman Holiday is one of my favorite Audrey movies! It's so cute and sad :(

  8. I haven't watched The Women yet. Good idea!!


  9. I still haven't finished watched SATC the movie!!! :S

    loved the devil wears prada, even though I'm not that into girly movies!


  10. Am I the only guy that found "The Devil Wears Prada" entertaining?


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