Monday, December 7, 2009


As girlie girls we have so many important decisions to make each day:  

What to wear?  
Lip gloss or lip stick?  
How much longer to wait for the cute guy to call?

I know!  We have so much to worry about!  But one thing we don't have to worry about is the losing bone densityVitaFusion makes these yummy calcium chews in fruity flavors of orange, strawberries and cherries.  Each little candy-like supplement has 500 mg of calcium.  Just 2 of these contain enough of recommended daily intake.

Women lose bone density so easily!  And as we get older, we get weaker.  Lifting weights is a good way to strengthen the bones, but it's not enough.  Taking calcium supplements completes the battle.  And with these mtasty calciu candies, stronger bones is just 2 little chewables away.


  1. hey I need me some yummy looking vitamins... calcium is super impt for our bones right sweetie!

  2. ooh gummy vitamins. BRILLIANT!

  3. ok... I think I need those, because I NEVER think about losing bone density!


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  5. My gosh, these sure don't look like the vitamins I know! These look too yummy! :D

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