Monday, April 15, 2013

Airbrush Makeup Kit - Why Is It Better? (Beauty Blog Post)

I received a comment about last night's skin care blog post (on noninvasive cosmetic procedures): 

Have you used any of them?

Answer is no.  At least not yet.

I'm afraid of the spreading of toxins by botox, but would consider peels and fillers in a few years. (A friend of mine highly recommends laser resurfacing, by the way.)

Right now, I'm more interested in obtaining full coverage, which is why I researched airbrush makeup kit.

What is an airbrush makeup kit?

An airbrush makeup kit is a makeup kit that uses air compressor technology to apply makeup. 

Like traditional makeup kits, an airbrush makeup kit includes a range of makeup supplies and colors. But instead of painting on makeup, it sprays on makeup using a small air compressor.

Airbrush makeup kit normally comes with a ready-made compressor, a gun or air pod, and detachable makeup solution.

How does airbrush makeup kit work?

Explaining air compressors takes a while, so I'll give a basic version of how it works for makeup:

An air compressor compresses atmospheric air into kinetic energy that can atomize liquid makeup into fine particles, or mist. The mist is then sprayed onto skin for even coverage. (See picture below.)

Sorry for the poor drawing. I'm terrible with Paint.


Benefits of using an airbrush makeup kit

(Or why is it better?)

I don't have first-hand knowledge but assume that 1) an airbrush makeup kit is cleaner, as the applicator (gun or pod) doesn't touch your skin like brushes and sponges do, and 2) it provides smoother coverage as the solution comes in finer particles.

Also, I assume that the mist-like solution is more build-able, and feels lighter.

Currently eyeballing...

Temptu Airbrush Systems. I've heard good reviews on them.

Temptu offers several systems, interchangeable air pods (or spray pods) instead spray guns, a wide variety of airbrush foundation, blush, bronzer, and even body coverage, and parts and accessories.

Temptu also offers tutorial videos to help you get started.     

For more information about pricing, warranty, and selections, please visit Temptu website here.

Thanks for reading.


If you know of any good airbrush makeup kits, please leave details in comment.

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  1. That sounds like a really good investment! Then you wouldn't have to deal with brushes and such. A lot of stars get that for the red carpet and I can see it filtering down to us. Great post and you can draw well.

  2. I am actually interested to try these airbrush makeup kits. The effect is actually better as it seems! :)

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  3. I had read about airbrush makeup, but never tried it! Looks like a good thing if you want lots of close up picture taken:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  4. Awesome review, darling ~ I need this kit!


  5. I'd definitely try it out. Let us know if you get the Temptu!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. That's interesting...never heard of that before! :)

  7. I just use the oldest method in the book; my fingers. hahahaha Very nice info tho, thanks!

  8. i almost bought temptu when it first came out. i would love to try it as i need the full coverage!

  9. i almost bought Temptu too. but the price makes me think and think, and I would like to try that kind of makeup before making an investment like that...


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