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Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow for Asian Eyes (Beauty Blog Post)

Asian eyes are different. Some of them do not have a fold, and those who do have a fold are not deep set.

While dark eyeshadow looks beautiful on Asian skin tone, if applied incorrectly, it looks unflattering on slanted eyes and flat facial structures. Asian eyes are already indistinct. If you wear a lot of dark eyeshadow, your entire eyelid will look taken over, or bruised.

It's important to utilize special technique when applying dark eyeshadow for Asians. In today's Asian Makeup Tips, I'll show you a neat trick that compliments Asian eyes with dark eyeshadow, and not the latter.

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow

Asian Makeup Tip: How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow for Asian Eyes?

Step 1: find your fold

Your fold will be your starting point.

If you do not have a fold, then fabricate one: close your eyes, divide the area between your lash line to your eye brow by four (or into quarters). The area in the lowest quarter is your fold. Draw an imaginary line on top of the lowest quarter. That is your starting point.

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow
Nothing like dissecting my own eye.

Step 2: brush down in short strokes

Starting with your "starting point," use an eyeshadow brush, and brush down toward lash line in short, brisk strokes.

Remember: do NOT sweep shadow up and down or from left to right. Do brush down once, lift shadow brush, return to starting point, and brush down again.

Repeat until entire area below starting point is filled.

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow
...annnnnnnnnnnd again, short strokes!

Step 3: sweep lower lash line

For a slightly smokey look, sweep a single layer of eyeshadow to lower lash line. Do it from outside in.

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow

Step 4: apply eye liner

To enable a soft day look, I used a charcoal-colored -- rather than black -- eyeliner.

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow

Step 5: finish with powder.

Apply a neutral-colored, powder eyeshadow to the rest of your eyelid. Blend well.

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow

Step 6: curl lashes and apply mascara.

And you are done. 

Asian Makeup Tips - How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow
The dark shadow is Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Tough as Taupe." It's a pretty color.

Dark but not overbearing.


So easy, right?


Hope you enjoyed today's Asian Makeup Tips.


Any of your own to share?



  1. I have a passion for your sweet and adorable eyes, your tips are very good, love the sultry and smooth effect on you! Kisses! xo

  2. I always liked this type of makeup but the for way of my eyes when I try to do if I'm not careful with the dark eyeshadow, it looks like bam in your face! dark...
    I really like that you explain everything in detail... =)

  3. love your tutorials step by step!so easy make up!suits you perfectly!

  4. Definitely easy! It looks great! :D

  5. I have little/no space between my eyes and brows either so this tutorial was really helpful - very wearable :)

  6. Looks like something I'd do :D Def a nice way for Asians to wear dark makeup!

  7. You explained it so well with graphics!! Love the finished look! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. Great Tipps for a Dark eye shadow. I'm Not a Asian Woman, But i will try this too

  9. Great tips, thanks for sharing it.
    Have an amazing weekend doll,

    ♡Lots of love,


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