Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If the Shoes Fits...Hot Shoe Trends of Fall 2012 (Fashion Blog Post)

Happy Election Day, girlies! Did you vote?

I vote -- for the following shoes of fall 2012. They are fun, casual, and wearable. What else can a girl ask for?

1. Fringe-y Details

All those fringes dancing around your legs. Fall just got funner and funner.

2. Tweed Prints

Ladylike tweeds aren't just for jackets anymore. They are everywhere -- pants, shorts, and pumps too.

3. Peep Toes

Pee-ka-boo! Guess who? A little exposure, a lot-ta sexy.

4. Western

Welcome to the wild, wild west! Roll in. Take a ride. Honey, you are gunnin' and stunnin'.

5. Bright Pumps

Classy pumps got brighter and better this season. How can you take your eyes off of these gorgeous reds?

6. Riding Boots

Riding boots -- casual meets the Hamptons.

7. Casual Flats

How cute are these flats, huh? They match -- literally -- anything!

8. Colorful Clogs

Fun prints and comfy strides -- clogs are in, and we are so in love with them.

All pictures came from Houser Shoes, one of the best online shoe stores. It offers a variety of sizes, style and prices. Brands include Life Stride, Soda, Dansko, and many more. You can check out Houser Shoes here: http://www.housershoes.com.


Thanks for reading.

What shoe trends are you spotting in fall of 2012?

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