Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trust Me. You'll Need These - Must-Haves for New Moms

New mommy? You must feel pretty tired: eyes are blood shot, hair's tangled up, and you cannot remember the last time you took a shower.  

Girlie, you are not alone. I, too, suffer the gruesome work of caring for an infant. Being a second-time mom helps though -- at least I know of things that make life easier. They are not necessities like car seats, but when your head is exploding from a baby's persistent crying, even random items seem like important must-haves.

Must-Haves for New Moms

(A girlie's suggestions)

1. A Baby Carrier

There are many types of baby carriers in the market. Each one has its own functions and benefits. I prefer ergos, because they offer sufficient back support. 

An ergo - the best baby equipment I have ever bought.

2. Swaddle Blankets

A newborn still acts like a fetus during her first three months on the outside. Therefore, she wants to be snuggled up, as if she still lives in the womb. A swaddle blanket wraps your baby tight, just the way she likes, and also keeps her hands from scratching her own face.   

3. Caffeine

Must I explain this one? After a long night of feeding, burping, changing and shushing the little one, you'll need a venti-sized boost.

new mom must have
I need this!

4. Sunglasses

Most of the time, you have dark circles and unkempt skin, and no time for makeup before an emergency diaper run. Wear sunglasses -- if you don't want people to see your tired eyes, then hide them.

new mom must have
No makeup? No problem. Just dawn a pair of super sized shades.

5. Yoga Pants

Why sqeeze into skinny jeans when you simply can't? You just stretched your core for the past nine months -- give yourself a break. Wear yoga pants, or anything comfy, to get over the "fat" period.

6. Shape Wear

And if you absolutely have to squeeze into something, at least smooth out your middle and bottom with proper shape wear.

7. White Noise Machine

White noises put babies to sleep. (I don't know why, but they do.) So get a white noise machine, or download an app on your iPhone or iPad. 

Unless you want to shush a baby all night, buy a white noise machine (or app).

8. Extra Money

After remaining inside for long periods of time, you will feel a sudden urge to go shopping. Perhaps you just need to get out, or perhaps you need retail therapy. It doesn't matter. Just reserve extra money for impulsive postpartum purchases.

9. Packaged Foods and Beverages

Do you really have the time to make a big meal right now? Keep it simple by purchasing packaged -- and therefore easily disposable -- foods and beverages. There are healthy choices too, like veggie pizzas, express salads and anything from Trader Joe's.

new mom must have
Always convenient to have bottled water around.

10. Home Exercise Equipment

Having no time for the gym doesn't mean no workouts at all. Invest in some home exercise equipments, and perform super sets while the baby naps.

new mom must have
Exercise bands are wonderful for both strength and stretch.

New mom? You have plenty to worry about.


Why not make your life easier?


Do you have suggestions to add?



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