Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - Boscia Restorative Night Treatment Review

Everyone's skin needs moisture, but a thirty-something-year old woman like me needs intense moisture. After adding night cream to my skin ritual last year, I have been searching for an adequate night treatment.

Thanks Charleston Naturally!

Thanks to a representative from Charleston Naturally, I received a bottle of Boscia Restorative Night Treatment to review. I have heard that Boscia offers great makeup and skincare, but never tried it out myself. When I received this night treatment, I was thrilled.

About Charleston Naturally

According to its representative, Charleston Naturally is "an organic beauty boutique focused on high-end organic and natural brands."  

To learn more about the company, and take a look at its wide range of organic skincare products, visit: http://www.charlestonnaturally.com.

Boscia Night treatment


Boscia Restorative Night Treatment Review

Price: $48

Quality and Performance

  • Formula is thin, but certainly moisturizing.
  • Formula felt wet, and saturated skin rapidly
  • However, formula dried in mere seconds, absorbing quickly into skin.
  • Skin's surface felt protected with sealed-in moisture.
  • Product is supposed to be used under cream moisturizer, and its fast drying factor helps apply cream moisturizer on top.
  • Skin felt nice and refreshing the next morning. I can tell a difference.   
  • Overall, product has wonderful quality and provided excellent performance. 

Boscia Night treatment
Wow! A surge of moisture.

Boscia Night treatment
A tiny dot is all you need.



  • At first, formula squeezed out in a surge of moisture.
  • It then dried with lightning speed, and gave skin a smooth surface.
  • Formula felt really nice.  


  • If you take a close wiff, you will smell faint odor. 
  • However, from a distance, there was no odor at all. 


  • Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of pump bottles. Too hard to get the last few drops.
  • However, I do like its sleek, slate-colored packaging.
  • Definitely looks high end.  

Boscia Night treatment

Boscia Night treatment


Overall Likes

  • Really moisturizing.
  • Can be worn under cream moisturizer.
  • Felt nice on the skin.
  • Fast absorbing.
  • Little or no odor.

Overall Dislikes

  • Pump bottle was hard to use, but that's a personal preference.

Overall Rating (out of 10)




Although I have only used this for one week, I really like it so far. Everyday, I woke up with smooth and moisturized skin. Otherwise, skin would feel ashy and dry. I especially recommend the Boscia Restorative Night Cream for someone in their 30's like me.



If you are able to see it from the picture, hand felt and looked moisturized after use.

Thank you!


Hope you enjoyed the review.


Have you used Boscia products before?


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