Friday, November 2, 2012

Lose Weight After Pregnancy - Dos, Don'ts and Initial Weigh In

Let's get the painful part over with, shall we? AHHHHHHHH! That dreadful scale again.

Officially two weeks after pregnancy, I weighed in at 124 lbs this morning. 

Suppose 124 lbs is both good and bad: good compared to the 145 lbs of final pregnancy weight I carried; bad because it's still 16 lbs from my svelte pre-pregnancy weight.

Here I go again -- in the familiar territory of postpartum weight loss. Let the "Fitness After Pregnancy" posts start.

Dos and don'ts of Fitness After Pregnancy


Do: Breastfeed.

Breastfeeding helps your uterus contract back to its original size, and gives your baby healthy, natural nutrients.

Don't: Get Overly Excited About Working Out.

Heal your body first, and then begin an exercise regimen. Don't forget to start slow -- growing a baby for nine months took a toll on your body -- and going gun ho with working out can cause injuries. Start light and progressively increase in rigor.

Do: Read Fitness Magazines.

Need a mental kick start? Pick up the latest issue of Shape or Fitness. These magazines are full of new moves, tips, meal ideas, and motivating stories.

I'll always find time for a good read.

Don't: Compare Yourself to Celebrity Moms.

So what Heidi Klum walked the Victoria's Secret runway weeks after having a baby? She's a high profile celeb; you are a regular person. She has access to the best fitness gurus, but also faces high expectations by the public to lose weight fast.  

As an ordinary mom, you shouldn't set the same expectation as a famous lingerie model. Instead of shedding weight with lightning speed, focus on eating healthily and working out regularly, and let your body lose the baby weight on its own schedule.

Not everyone can achieve a body like hers merely weeks after having a baby.


Do: Snack Well. Snack Often.

Apples and oranges will always be better for you than candies and cakes.

To curb cravings, try eating smaller meals five or six times throughout the day.

Need a juicy snack? Try these sweet tomatoes.

Don't: Find Excuses.

Of course, a breastfeeding mom requires more calories than other women -- and perhaps you have gained so much pregnancy weight that you are embarrassed to be seen at the gym -- but please don't let these minor details become reasons to binge on junk food or avoid working out.

By the way, breastfeeding moms need only 300 to 500 extra daily calories; your friends at the gym will most likely commend you for coming back than laugh at your weight gain.

Fitness After Pregnancy Progress Chart

During "Fitness After Pregnancy" from my first postpartum weight loss, I tracked progress with a chart. Because the chart helped a lot with momentum, I am bringing it back.



Weight (lbs.)

10/31/2012 (2 weeks post partum)




Weight (lbs.)

10/13/2012 (1 week before due date)




Weight (lbs.)

02/2012 (Pre-Pregnancy)


Pre-partum or postpartum, it's always good to have fitness goals.


What do you say, girlies?


Join me on my fitness journey?


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  1. I'll be looking out for these. I've lost my motivation to lose weight lately. Hope the birth went well for you x


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