Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall's Sexiest Lips - Burberry Lipstick in "Ruby" - A Review

One look, and I was in love -- my aunt's gorgeous Burberry coat. Smooth taupe shell,  soft fabric lining, and signature checkered print -- the coat wasn't in-your-face like other high end brands; it was just cool, and chic, and remarkably understated

In the five minutes that I tried on my aunt's Burberry coat, I felt like I owned the world.

I WANT Burberry!

(LOL.) I want, but I cannot have -- my aunt has disposable income; I don't. So you can feel my excitement when Burberry recently created a line of cosmetics. Compared to its clothing, Burberry makeup has much cheaper price -- something even a stay-at-home mom like me can afford. 

Thanks Nordstrom!

Thank you so much to Miss. H.S (of Burberry Cosmetics at a local Nordstrom), for reaching out and asking for a review of Burberry makeup.

Of an assortment of products in the mail, I gravitated towards a lipstick in bright, ruby red -- literally, the sexiest lip color I've ever seen. 

Burberry Makeup Review

Burberry Makeup Review


Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick Review

 (Color in "Ruby")

Quality and Performance

  • Really velvety application.
  • Formula is rich and soft.
  • Lipstick glided on smoothly and evenly.
  • One gentle touch on my lips sealed the deal -- this lipstick has superb quality. 


  • Really enjoyed how the lipstick felt on my lips.
  • Formula did not dry or crack lips.
  • It was just smooth and lustrous.  

Color and Pigmentation

  • Ruby is bright, sexy, and certainly commands attention.
  • It's not a day color, but works perfectly for night.

Burberry Makeup Review
Beautiful and vibrant -- isn't Ruby fall's sexiest color?

Burberry Makeup Review


Lasting Power

  • Awesome lasting power.
  • Lipstick lasted through coffee, water, kisses with hubby, and a long walk around the neighborhood.
  • Of course, with so much lasting power, the lipstick was hard to take off. However, I used a baby wipe, and had little trouble discarding the color. 

Burberry Makeup Review
Very impressive that this lipstick lasted through coffee.



  • Because I only received a sample, I could not witness the entire packaging. However, on Nordstrom's website, the packaging looked beautiful.
  • The lipstick itself was engraved with Burberry's quilted prints.
  • Its easy-to-use twist tube contained Burberry's signature.
  • The tube's top, or cover, also has Burberry's signature prints.
  • I also enjoy the tube's rectangular shape. It just looks so luxurious.
  • The entire packaging showed branding genius.  

Burberry Makeup Review
Love Burberry's quilted pattern.


Overall Likes

  • Excellent formula. It glided on smoothly, did not dry lips, and lasted a long time.
  • Ruby is a beautiful, rich color, and looks fantastic for a night out. (Or holiday party perhaps?)
  • Gorgeous packaging. All over luxurious, quilted design.

Overall Dislikes

  •  Just a little more effort to take off, but it's totally understandable.



Price: $30 at Nordstrom.

Burberry Makeup Review
This color really brought out my lips.

Burberry Makeup Review
I'd totally wear it on a night on the town.


This Burberry lipstick is really one of the best lipsticks I have tried.


And isn't Ruby the sexiest color this fall?


Hope you enjoyed the review.


Have you tried Burberry lipstick before?


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