Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prints I'm Loving Right Now - 5 Hot New Prints for Dresses (Fashion Blog Post)

Are you ready for the holidays? Well, get ready. It's almost time for presents, sales, and of course, holiday parties -- and then comes a girlie girl's favorite question: what are you wearing?

Who? Me? (LOL) Hey, thanks for asking. After nine months away from dressing up, I finally feel like my old self, and started browsing online for styles and prints I'd like to try. 

Welcome to the House of Fraser



Very happy I was introduced to House of Fraser, a leading department store based in UK that has over 1000 brands in beauty, fashion and home goods. The store offers fantastic savings -- clearance items cost as low was 10 - 15 pounds -- and the hottest fashion. It's like Macy's, but in Europe.

Meet Oasis

Oasis is one of the brands at House of Fraser, and one of the brands that caught my eye. (Check it out here.)

As a stay-at-home mom, I dress casually, and Oasis fits my style perfectly -- casual but also trendy. Even its line of dresses look cute and comfy.

Prints I'm Loving Right Now

Thanks to Oasis dresses, I found a few super hot prints I just absolutely love:

1. Dots and Pleats

Isn't this dress -- with its allover polka dots and pleated bottom -- both sexy and sweet? It has a modern-day twist on 50's glam.

2. Floral

Want to look more feminine? Try a floral print. I just love the dress below.

3. Geo

The 90's are back, and so are the 90's geo prints. Whimsical and quirky, these prints are both flattering and intriguing.

4. Tribal

Tribal has been popular this year, and it's not going away. This eye catching print livens any outfit, and looks so stunning.

5. Oriental

Don't you just love ethnic prints? They are a breath of fresh air. How do you like the dress below, with pretty bamboo leaves and butterflies?

       Want more Oasis dresses? Click here.

 Now that I've found dresses I like -- and prints I'm loving -- I'm getting excited for the holiday parties.


How about you, girlie?


Have you found any hot prints to wear?



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