Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Week of Reconnect - A Fashion Blog Post

Life happens!

You have lost connection to those who were close to you, because you: graduated, got a job, moved away, married your sweetheart, and popped out a few kids. The people you used to call for no reason, those who chatted with you all night long, are no longer on your speed dial -- or even in your call history. They were your buds, your confidants, your better half...but only during way back when.

And it's okay...

To get crazy busy, to grow other interests, and to lose touch.

Hey, I did.

The tightly-knit circle of friends I had back in the day dissipated as we all moved away to the East and West coasts. Gradually, we became complacent in our own lives, and lost communication.

But once in a while...

We reconnect, because that's what friends do.

Coincidentally, I heard from a few old friends all in last week, and we chatted up like time never passed.  

I put up a wall -- a stone, cold wall.

Unfortunately, making quality friends in a new place -- and in my 30's -- has been difficult. You just don't have enough energy or interest to build the same foundation of trust. After hurtful disappointments, I put up a stone cold wall. 

A wall -- yes. But I'm not hopeless.

And when old friends reconnected with me, they assured me that real friendships do exist, and that all I had to do is reach out, and that even if I fail -- yet again -- I can always count on them to be there.

So just reply "yes"

Inside the stone cold wall I have built, it has been hard to accept others, even when they send warm invitations. But last Saturday, after a week of reconnect, I accepted an invitation to a baby shower -- no, I do not know M or her group of mama friends well, but all the reason to get to know them better. 

My outfit. FINALLY!

Still feeling uneasy about wearing tight clothes, I layered a long cardigan over a stretchy tank. 

It rained like crazy that day, so the fuzzy boots seemed appropriate.

And of course, to pretty up the outfit, I added a strand of necklace.

The entire ensemble looked simple, but it felt warm and comfortable -- perfect for a new mommy, at a baby shower.


Thanks girlies.


Thanks for reading, coming back, and always giving me supportive feedback.


As you can see, I love beauty, fashion, and blogging. But I love connecting with you guys the most.




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