Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Burberry Eyeliner Review

Thanks again to Ms. H.S. from Nordstrom for the Burberry makeup products. Today, I will review Burberry Eye Definer Eyeliner in "Golden Brown No. 06."

burberry eyeliner review


Burberry Eye Definer Eyeliner Review

(Color in "Golden Brown No. 06")

Quality and Performance

  • EXCELLENT quality!
  • Applied smoothly. Liner glided on easily and precisely.
  • No running afterwards, not even after an entire day. 

burberry eyeliner review
Liner has wonderful quality.


  • No heavy, gooey liner feeling at all.
  • Didn't even notice I was wearing anything. 


  • Did not experience irritations.


  • Beautiful golden color. Really becoming.
  • However, "golden brown" is more day appropriate. 
burberry eyeliner review
Very pretty brown color.


Staying Power

  • Wonderful staying power. Liner stayed on for an entire day.
  • Did not run at all. Liner stayed in tact. 


  • Sleek packaging.
  • Square-shaped pencil, which is completely unique, represented Burberry brand. 

burberry eyeliner review
Really like the square shaped pencil.


Overall Likes

  • Beautiful color.
  • Unique packaging.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Fantastic staying power.  

Overall Dislikes

  • Color is more for day time. For $27, I'd like more versatility.

Overall Rating


burberry eyeliner review
Eye makeup included only liner and mascara. No shadow needed.

burberry eyeliner review
As you can see, liner looks good for day wear.

burberry eyeliner review
Golden brown looks great with soft colors for the rest of the face.

Hope you liked the review.


Have you tried Burberry Eyeliner before?


I definitely recommend it.



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