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Lose Weight after Pregnancy - Four Reasons to Keep a Fitness Journal

I have fitness on my mind.

Still three weeks away from being able to work out, I already created new routines, shopped for a better gym, and read a stack of fitness magazines. When you've lived an active lifestyle, having to sit idle for even just a few weeks feels terribly unnatural.

Weekly Weigh In

Dear scale, I tried to avoid you, but your not-so-sweet temptation flirted with my vainness. Thank you, for displaying a smaller number than last week. Normally, I'd scream and cry at 121 lbs., but today, I graciously accept my weight.

Yes, there is still much to do, but small momentum like a 2-pound drop gives me all the reason to keep going strong.

Fitness after Pregnancy

Fitness After Pregnancy Progress Chart



Weight (lbs.)

11/08/2012 (3 weeks postpartum)
fitness after pregnancy




Weight (lbs.)

10/31/2012 (2 weeks postpartum)




Weight (lbs.)

10/13/2012 (1 week before due date)




Weight (lbs.)

02/2012 (Pre-Pregnancy)


Five Reasons to Keep a Fitness Journal

Since the third trimester, I have kept a fitness journal, which logs each day's diet and exercise. Not only did this journal ensure that I didn't overindulge (like most pregnant women do), it also encouraged me to exercise.

During my first pregnancy, I gained 55 lbs. This time? I gained less than 40. I truly credit my healthy weight gain to keeping a fitness journal.

A fitness journal benefits anyone who wants to keep track of their nutrition and fitness. I sincerely believe you should start a fitness journal too, for the following reasons:  

1. It serves as a tracking system. 

Have you ever had a day, when you have chowed down everything in sight, without thinking twice about the quality of food, only to realize -- after tipping the scale later on -- that you've consumed a few grand of empty calories?

A fitness journal can stop you from doing that, by logging intake and tracking calories. Also, you can log exercises and calories exerted as well.  


2. It motivates.

After updating the journal for a while, when you go back and revisit all the healthy choices you have made, you should feel pretty proud -- now doesn't that motivate you to get even fitter?

3. It makes you challenge yourself.

Everyone plateaus after an initial weight drop. Reading previous entries from a fitness journal helps you find patterns: if you notice mundane behavior, you can change it up and challenge yourself.

4. It instills responsibility.

A fitness journal is something that you are responsible for. No, it's not a trainer, and won't yell at you for messing up. However, it makes you think twice about going for that jelly donut or skipping a workout.

Fitness After Pregnancy
These dumplings are made with ground turkey, and contains minimal oil.


My Sample Fitness Journal

Below is my fitness journal from today. As you can see, I still need to work on eating healthily. But I'm getting there.


Goal: 1200
Net: 1182
Remaining: 18
Pride or Punishment: Pride.

However, it is unfortunate to have all this pent-up energy and no way to workout.


Time of Day Meal Type Food Amount Calories
11 a.m. Breakfast Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte 1 Venti 160
1 p.m. Lunch Boiled Dumplings 8 Pieces 280
6 p.m. Snack Oatmeal Cream Pie 1 Piece 170
7 p.m. Dinner Kaiser Roll 1 Roll 140
7 p.m. Dinner Clam Chowder 1 Cup 180
8 p.m. Dessert Chocolate Cookies 1 Piece 130
8 p.m. Dessert Americano with Cream 1 Cup 50
11:30 p.m. Snack Fuji Apple 1 Apple 72


Cardio: None :O(
Weights: None :O(

Hope you found my fitness journal useful.


Do you have a similar tool?

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