Monday, November 19, 2012

Breastfeeding Moms Like Button Ups - A Fashion Blog Post

Uncomfortable "whipping it out" in public? Come to Seattle, where breastfeeding is highly promoted, and no one cares if you just...kind of...nonchalantly..."whip it out."

Last Friday, as I sat in our car outside a neighborhood cafe, the baby broke out a high-pitched, deafening scream. (I call it "stage 2" alarm -- like, feed-me-now-or-I-will-come-get-it-myself!)

THANK GOD I WORE A BUTTON UP: just unbutton, whip out my bad girls, and let the baby have at it. (Don't worry, I did cover up with a hooter hider. I'm not that brave.)

The convenience of button up shirts is well-liked by breastfeeding moms. I bought the blue one below just for that reason, and the shirt lived up to every expectation. Bravo, button ups!

Functions well, looks great - what's not to like about a button up?

Layering with a blue cardigan fends off the cold -- and boy has it been cold in Seattle!

This long shirt also works well with jeggings and boots, two very comfy items for new moms.

   Thanks for reading.

I know not everyone is a breastfeeding mom, but when you become one -- definitely consider buying a few buttons up tops.


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